Writing tools for students 2024

Do you want to be a more successful student? Sure you do and technology offers you writing tools with artificial intelligence to make it easier for you to write well, research, read and more.

These tools are a great help for students, but they can also be used professionally, at work and personally. Read this post and find out which ones are in the Top!

Top 10 writing tools for students

Writing tools are powerful online resources to facilitate the process of writing essays, papers, blog posts or articles. They are also useful for research and these are just some of their functionalities, because they have many more.

Here is our selection of some of the best tools of this 2024 and their main features.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly -writing tools for students

Grammarly is one of the most resourceful writing tools. It offers real-time writing feedback, suggestions for the right writing tone, style guides and much more.

Other especially useful features are the plagiarism detector, to scan the writing and see source information in just seconds, plus automated citations with MLA, APA and Chicago style.

It has a free version for basic writing editions, Premium and Business plan.

2. Google Docs

writing tools for students - google

We often write collaboratively and for this purpose it is very practical to Google Docs. It has templates for assignments, it is easy to edit documents in real time and make suggestions and comments.

It offers the @mentions function to refer people, events or files in documents, gives you grammar and spelling suggestions, performs voice typing and document translation.

If you use other Google applications, Docs will save you time because they are connected. It is one of the best free writing tools for personal use, it also offers paid plans for companies.

3. Quill

writing tools for students

Quill stands out for responding to the changing needs of students and facilitates learning to read and write effectively.

It has sophisticated resources for composing complex sentences, demonstrating relationships between ideas, using punctuation correctly and receiving immediate feedback.

It is also used by teachers and tutors, offering lessons and interactive slides for the whole class or small groups. It is free to use and offers a premium reporting service for educators, schools and districts.

4. Purdue OWL

writing tools for students

Purdue OWL is a resource of Purdue University and was created to provide English language support to students, teachers, professionals, and organizations worldwide to help them develop as writers.

With its online writing lab, it offers materials and services to help with creating citations, writing cover letters, writing specific essays, and suggestions for improving writing.

Other useful resources include their APA, MLA, resume design and plagiarism detection guides.

5. ProWritingAid

writing tools for students

One of the most interesting tools for developing creative writing is ProWritingAid. It consists of a writing assistant to assist in the process of creating, editing and improving written content.

It goes beyond grammar checking and detects overused words, clichés, inconvenient phrases and more. Additionally, it has a function to write formally or informally, long or concise, write more fluently and add sensory details.

The tool generates suggestions to make the plot, characters, settings and more elements more appealing, additionally, you can use the best AI image generators in 2024 to take your creations to another level.

ProWritingAid is ideal for those who love writing, offering free basic plan and other paid options for experts and professionals.


writing tools for students - QuillBot

QuillBot  is specially designed to develop creative writing and saves time for students, academics, writers and marketers.

It is a paraphrasing tool, which means rewriting a text without changing its meaning, guaranteeing to use the right words. It works very easily: you enter the text in the input box and artificial intelligence will help to create the best possible result.

It has other functionalities: choice of writing style, grammar checker, plagiarism detector, summary and citation generator, thesaurus and more. It is possible to use basic functions for free and has a paid Premium plan option.


Hemingway-writing tools for students

Another of the best writing tools for students is Hemingway, a powerful editor for writing more precisely and clearly.

If a sentence is written with extra words, it will highlight them in yellow or red colors; it also identifies the use of passive voice and adverbs when writing and, if long words are used, it will suggest simpler and shorter ones.

You will be able to find the perfect style and tone among 8 possibilities. You can use it for free or opt for the paid version of its Editor Plus.

8. Bubbl.us

Bubbl.us_-writing tools for students

If you like to work with a structure to make your ideas flow more easily, you can't miss Bubbl.us.

With a virtual mind map, it will be possible to reflect ideas, sort them, add details and delete information. You can use existing templates or create your own for brainstorming, organization charts, family trees, action plans, book outlines and much more.

Maps can be developed collaboratively in real time and shared with others or on social media. They offer a free basic plan and other paid plans.

9. OneLook

One-Look-writing tools for students

OneLook is free and very useful to look up words, phrases and get detailed information about the words; all this allows you to write better any content.

It stands out for providing complete definitions, with reference to several dictionary sites, making it excellent for research.

Another practical resource is its Thesaurus, which works in reverse mode, that is, you can type a phrase or word to obtain similar definitions.

10. Readable

Readable-writing tools for students

Readable was created to improve the readability of texts and create more connection with readers. Among its resources are synonym suggestions, passive voice counting, detection of spelling errors and grammatical problems.

It offers metrics to know the readability level rating, also adjust the tone, analyze the sentiment of the content, know the keyword density and more.

Offers discounts for educational and non-profit users.

Benefits of the use of online writing tools for students

Among others, the following:

  • By giving suggestions in real time, you save time and effort in improving edits.
  • The attractive design of the websites promotes the habit of writing, becoming an ally to develop more skill and self-confidence.
  • They have valuable resources to facilitate work in any area, e.g., citation writing, dictionaries, plagiarism detector, templates for effective communications and many more.
  • The feedback generated by the tools allows to know strengths and detect opportunities for improvement in writing.
  • They offer interesting functions to optimize organization and increase productivity.


Using any of the best writing tools for students will help you develop and take your writing, researching, reading, organization, and other skills to another level.

Of course, achieving this goal will depend on the time you spend practicing, learning and the good use you make of the writing tools.

We invite you to explore the web spaces of the tools that best suit your needs and try out their features. Let us know what your experience has been like, we'd love to read about it!

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