Closed captioning jobs: 10 places that will pay you well in 2024

If you're looking for subtitling jobs to make money from home, you've come to the right place.

Yes! Writing subtitles for money is possible, you can spend a few hours or full-time and earn much more.

Imagine all the videos that need subtitles on YouTube, and you can get paid for writing them; there are plenty of opportunities to work in the subtitling industry.

Are you a good listener, and do you have fast typing skills and accuracy? Then you can consider the idea of earning money by writing subtitles.

10 websites to find work writing subtitles for money

If you are wondering how to write subtitles for money, the first thing is to have the necessary skills to be a good subtitle transcriptionist.

If you have them perfect, if you don't, you can focus on developing them and, when you have a good level, apply them to the best websites to work as a subtitler.

This job consists of watching movies or videos, listening to what is said, and accurately writing the content.

There are also possibilities to translate subtitles online if you are fluent in 2 languages or to do quality control of subtitles, for which excellent spelling and grammar are required.

Writing subtitles for money can work for you; if you are interested and focused, here are the top 10 sites to apply for and earn money.

1. Vitac

closed captioning jobs VITAC

Vitac is a large company that offers subtitling, captioning, audio description, transcription, translation and dubbing services.

Its clients include television networks, entertainment industry producers, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government agencies and many more; the best-known are Fox, CNBC, Bravo and DirecTV.

Working for Vitac means having a competitive salary and many benefits such as medical plans, life insurance, paid sick time, training workshops, celebrations, bonuses and many more.

This company hires experienced captioners with good communication and typing skills. Applicants submit a 30-minute assessment test.

Vitac is always looking for subtitlers; go to the link, and you can see their open positions.

2. Ai-Media

Ai Media writing subtitles for money

Ai-Media was founded in 2003 and offers subtitling, audio description, transcription, transcription for YouTube videos and translation services.

Its client companies include NASA, Facebook, Cambridge University, United Nations, World Economic Forum and many more.

In this company, you can spend as much time as you want as a subtitler and earn up to $42 per hour if you have fast typing skills.

In addition, Ai-Media offers its employees career growth within a leading subtitling company, work/life balance, flexible schedules, awards, bonuses and benefits.

You can apply here for your job application.

3. Aberdeen

closed captioning jobs - Aberdeem

Aberdeen offers subtitling, translation, closed captioning and voice dubbing services.

Their goal is to simplify companies' workflow in the broadcast industry and enable an enjoyable viewing experience for all audiences.

Aberdeen is one of the companies where you can earn the most money writing subtitles, primarily if you work with real-time subtitling, up to $75 per hour and between $12 to $15 for watching videos and subtitling.

They ask applicants for their resumes, and once they have reviewed and evaluated them, they contact them for an audition.

You can view their employment opportunities here.

4. 3Play Media

write subtitles for cash 3 Play Media

3Play Media provides captioning, transcription, translation, podcast, and audio transcription services.

Some of its prominent clients include P&G, The University of Wisconsin, Discovery Digital Networks, Zoom, Vimeo, VidYard and many more.

Compared to other companies, it is one of the highest paying. Additionally, it offers medical and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, vacation and sick pay, transportation allowance, outings, social events and other benefits.

You can log in and apply for a job at 3Play Media.

5. Vanan Services

Typing subtitles for money Vanan

Vanan is another perfect place to write subtitles for money; it has existed as a company since 2011 and defines itself as a leader in integrated premium language services.

Their clients include NASA, Intel, HP, GE and many more. They offer captioning services to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Adobe, Vimeo and other platforms.

Working as a captioner at this company will give you access to career development, an excellent work environment, bonus and incentive pay, paid vacation time off, remote work and other benefits.

To be admitted, you go through a selection process in which you submit multiple choice and timed typing tests.

You can access the link and complete their employment form.

6. Upwork

make money typing subtitles - upwork

On Upwork, there are many offers to work in subtitling if you are fluent in English or any other language.

To find work through this platform, you must set up an Upwork account with your information, skills, experience and rates.

You will find it easy to browse offers using its search bar, and you have the option to set up email alerts to receive notifications when jobs matching your profile become available.

Upwork charges a commission per completed job; take this into account when setting your rates as a subtitler.

Here you can access Upwork.

7. Fiverr

closed captioning jobs - fiverr

It is an Israeli platform for freelance services where you can find opportunities to work as a subtitler from home or anywhere in the world.

Initially designed for $5 jobs, it has grown and now allows people to set their rates.

It works differently from other freelancing platforms because no bids are available; you set up your profile and wait for people to ask you for the services you offer.

You can set different levels of rates; for example, offer to subtitle a video for $5, $10, $20 or more, depending on the video's size, quality and length.

Here you can explore opportunities in Fiverr.

8. Rev

How to write subtitles for money - Rev

Rev offers automated transcription, human transcription and subtitling services in English and translated into 15 global languages.

CBS, Jones Day, Stanford University, Viacom, and Yale are among their big corporate clients.

This place doesn't pay as well as others, but its great advantage is that you can start as a beginner subtitler. You can learn to grow professionally if that's what you want.

To be a Revver, as the company calls their employees, you need strong wifi, headphones, a laptop and the ability to pass their selection test.

As a subtitler, you get paid between $0.54-$1.10 per minute of audio/video, and if you know a foreign language, you can translate subtitles and earn between $1.50-$3.00 per minute of audio/video.

You can access the link and register to become a freelancer at Rev.

9. Happy Scribe

closed captioning jobs - Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is one of the best closed captioning jobs; among their big clients are BBC, Forbes, Spotify, United Nations and many more.

They offer payment to subtitlers of 1,10€ per minute, 450€ monthly on average and 3000€ as a monthly payment for those who dedicate a lot of their time.

To join, you send your application, take an evaluation test, fill out a questionnaire and wait for them to contact you. Once accepted, you can choose and work on the files you like.

You can apply here for in-house subtitling jobs.

10. Freelancer

How to subtitle for money - Freelancer

In this space, you can set up a profile and bid for closed captioning jobs; remember that you may work here for a lower rate.

Many freelancers offer job opportunities here, implying that the project owner will accept the lowest bidder.

It offers the advantage of gaining experience in subtitle writing if you are a beginner.

You can search here for Freelancer jobs.

Conclusions; Closed captioning jobs

Now you know the best places to earn money writing subtitles, how to register to apply for their offers and the possible pay rates.

These places add value because they represent opportunities to learn, balance life/work, earn money, access benefits, and develop your career in the subtitling and transcription industry.

Do you know any of the places in our top 10? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience.

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