What are Transcription Services and how to find the perfect one?

Transcription services transform countless audio and video files created all over the world into text.

And these texts, generated in hours or minutes, are essential inputs for the daily activities of millions of people or add value to their projects.

Still not using transcription services?

It may be because you still don't know all their advantages and features, so here we tell you what they are, the types of services, their benefits and how to find the best one.

What is a transcription service?

A transcription service converts any form of voice and sounds into a written text document.

To do this, it carries out an orderly and simple process that allows it to deliver accurate and fast transcriptions to its clients.

definition transcription service

This commercial service is provided by companies or freelancers and has an increasingly significant impact on many industries.

Types of transcription services

Currently, there are two types of transcription services with different characteristics, and here we present them to you.


This type of transcription service is done by humans who listen to the content of audio or video files and transcribe the words, expressions or sounds into a text format.

These transcriptionists have transcription training and certifications and can speak another language besides their native language.

Currently, many of these transcriptionists work remotely from their homes in different countries worldwide.

what is transcription services

This type of service is characterized by its high accuracy; transcriptionists understand and know how to convey the idioms of each country perfectly.

Additionally, they include sounds and expressions that make it easier to understand the context and meaning of the transcription content.

Although humans do this type of transcription, different tools and software are used to facilitate the transcription process and deliver it in the best possible time.

Automatic transcription services

Automated transcription services involve sophisticated software that uses artificial intelligence to achieve accurate and near-instant results.

Additionally, they have powerful tools designed with cutting-edge technology to make transcripts more accurate and custom-edited.

Automatic transcription service

These services are characterized by being extremely fast; a transcript can be obtained in a few minutes.

At ScriptMe, a transcription process is carried out in just 3 steps:

  1. Upload and transcribe: Upload your files, choose the language (among more than 30), and press transcribe.
  2. Edit: Through the edit function, you can make the changes you want very quickly.
  3. Export: You can export your files in a wide range of formats, including .txt, .docx, Avid markers, .srt, .vtt and Adobe Premiere.

That's it; your transcript is ready. And through the platform, with the same ease, you can generate subtitles with the content and make translations in more than 100 languages.

Benefits of using a transcription service

Using a transcription service has several advantages, among others:

  • You will have written records of meetings, meetings, decisions, reports, conversations and any other event of interest. And this information can be easily read, saved, sorted and disseminated through your social networks or any other media.
  • Transcribe opens up the possibility of sharing content with different audiences around the world.
  • You save time and money. Hiring a transcription service will save you time to dedicate to more important things. And the cost of these outsourced services is lower than hiring someone hourly or full-time. This is so because, in addition to the hourly value, there is the service fee you save (in electricity, water, maintenance and other expenses).
  • You increase the accessibility to information for people with hearing difficulties or who prefer to visualize the contents in written form for different reasons.

In short, transcribing content will allow you to reach more and better different audiences. People will feel included and can engage with your messages or access products or services.

Who needs a transcription service and why?

Now that you know what transcription services are and their advantages, we tell you who needs these services the most and why.

1. Media industry

Think of all the exciting interviews conducted daily on radio and TV, then transcribed for dissemination by other media.

transcription services for media

There are also podcasters and YouTubers; they must transcribe their content to reach more global audiences.

2. Universities, research and education in general

University students often need transcription services for their research, thesis or exams during their studies.

They are also used to transcribe lectures and have everything spoken in class without missing anything important.

Additionally, organizations, companies and universities transcribe the contents of meetings, conferences, symposiums, and other events to have records of important information, decisions and agreements.

3. Legal and juridical industry

Audio, recorded or live, of depositions, interviews, trials and judgments are transcribed daily.

For lawyers, transcripts are an essential input without which they would be unable to study cases or support lawsuits or appeals.

The legal and judicial system is one of the systems that most need these records to carry out all its processes and procedures.

4. Health industry

Every day, from the most minor private practice to the largest hospital and clinic, any number of audio and notes are sent to transcription services. These transcripts become medical reports, test results, lab results, treatments, referrals and letters.

These contents become records that become part of patients' medical histories and are information used for many purposes, including research.

What to look for when choosing the best transcription service?

To choose the best service, it is necessary to consider a series of essential aspects and compare what you are offered.

Particularly in the medical, legal and organizational industries, it is essential to guarantee the security and confidentiality of all information.

Additionally, the quality of the transcripts must be as accurate as possible. And guarantee fast delivery, in only hours if required.

what is a transcription service

They should have a support service and provide it during extended hours. You don't know if something unexpected may come up, and you will have the possibility to contact them and solve it.

Prices for transcription should be completely transparent and with options for different plans. Many transcription services offer trial transcriptions, which is excellent so that you can get a feel for their platform and service.

If you select an automated transcription service, the prices are more affordable, and you will have fast transcriptions. Keep in mind that artificial intelligence does not review the content of the transcript. But it is very easy to do it with the editor, change some words and improve punctuation marks.


We hope we have been helpful and that you now know more about transcription services and how to find the right one.

ScriptMe is available to accompany you in your projects; it is a platform with integrated services for transcriptions, translations and titles.

It offers a content editor to give it your personal touch and style. Contact us and tell us about your project; we will happily become your transcription service and provide you with the best possible service.

Emil Nikkhah
Hi, I'm Emil Nikkhah.
For over 25 years, I have successfully built several television post-production companies.
Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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