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Liza Ladenberg
Liza Ladenberg
Head of Production, Post, Warner Bros.

"ScriptMe has really streamlined our production workflow and saved money, time and resources.
Highly recommend ScriptMe."

Marielle Ragnarsson Dückhow
Marielle Ragnarsson Dückhow
Head of Production, Brand New Content Group

"At Brand New Content, we have used ScriptMe in several productions to log hours of material. It's an incredibly flexible tool that is also both time and cost effective. Highly recommended!"

brand new content
Peter borg
Peter Borg
Head of Post, Fremantle

"A perfect solution for us who log a lot of material in Swedish. ScriptMe almost cuts our logging workflow in half."

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Jesper Balfe
Producer, Brand New Content

"ScriptMe is fantastic. So damn good. I just did a TV show, "Swedish Crime Case", and needed to get started with script writing as soon as possible.
Two hours of an interview that needed transcribing, ScriptMe solved it in a blink.
I could start writing the day after we filmed. It is nice that the time code is included and follows along as you listen."

brand new content
Dennis Ersoz
Dennis Ersöz
Technical Specialist, Gullers Grupp

"ScriptMe is a transcription service that we have been using for just under a year and have become completely dependent on. Our filmed interviews are often at least half an hour long, not infrequently longer, and logging them using the old classic method is very time consuming. The introduction of ScriptMe has enabled us to free up staff resources and to speed up our media management, from recording to editing and delivery of the finished programme..."

Gullers Grupp
Cia Hedenström
Producer, Senior Project Manager

"I tested ScriptMe on a large Reality show production with a hectic post-production workflow. We needed to produce many episodes with a tight schedule. We had a lot of dailies coming in every week and the production period was very long.
The process of transcribing went incredibly faster with ScriptMe and speeded up the whole post-production process, which was invaluable.
I do not hesitate to use the tool again !."

Gustav Hagqvist
Technical Manager, Fremantle

"With ScriptMe, everything is easier. It's super easy to scale up and down depending on where we are in production. It's great that it's completely web-based because it doesn't require a computer connected to Nexis or anything like that, it saves us resources. It's very easy to get someone who has never logged in before up and running quickly."

Mikkel Mogensen
Mikkel Mogensen
Student of Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business in Denmark

"...During all these interviews I have collected a lot of empirical data that would have taken me hours, if not days, to transcribe if it hadn't been for ScriptMe, which is a very easy program to use, even for a farmer from Denmark. All I had to do was drag and drop my recording, wait for the surprisingly fast transcription, and then it gave me exactly what I needed, it even had time stamps for all the conversations, whereas other programs I've tried just give you a big block of text that you then have to filter through to guess where the sentence begins and ends, which for a few hours of recording and a tight schedule takes more time than you'd like..."

Job van Eldijk
Job van Eldijk
Industrial PhD student Chalmers Planning Architect MSA, Urban Development Gothenburg

"ScriptMe offers a really good transcription service! We have used the site to transcribe about 45 hours of interview recordings in English as part of a research project and we estimate that we have saved 225 hours of work. The company's service was wonderful. Any problems that arose were resolved within a few hours and communication with the staff was friendly and service-oriented. Thank you very much, ScriptMe!"

Katrin Berndt
Katrin Berndt
Girlfriend Coaching, Katrin Berndt Coaching

"It's kind of the best day of my life today because I found your site and it's SO GOOD. Have already used it and it has made my life so much easier. So a thousand thanks for that."

Katrin Berndt Coaching
stephen tatsuro
Stephen Tatsuro
Motion Graphics Artist, tatsuro.se

"As a small time freelancer ScriptMe has been a tremendous utility. I used ScriptMe for a client's podcast website. 10 hours of episodes was transcribed in a flash. I could then search the podcast for specific content to populate the website with. ScriptMe allowed me to do the work of three people (especially in combination with other AI tools). The customer was happy and thought my work was unbelievably efficient. This here is the future."

Johan Rydberg
Johan Rydberg
Film and video editor

"I'm editing a documentary with 15 hours of sync and 30 hours of reality footage.
ScriptMe has saved us a tremendous amount of time and resources. I was surprised at how well AI works, quickly, accurately, and with an interface that is easy to understand, intuitive!"


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