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September 8, 2023
AI video tools: The best 10 to create and edit your videos

Do you know about artificial intelligence tools for video? They are revolutionizing the way to create attractive and professional videos because it has never been so easy. In fact, they are widely used AI tools for businesses and entrepreneurs that add a lot of value by automating processes. If you use them, you will save […]

September 8, 2023
AI tools for business: Best 10 for your enterprise

What kind of business does your company do? Regardless of the industry, AI tools for companies can provide you with many solutions. Although they emerged as a great novelty in the computing world, today, they are fully positioned, and their use is also impacting the areas of education, business, health, communications, industry and entertainment. This […]

September 8, 2023
How to type faster: Tips, exercises, and full guide

You probably associate faster typing as a determining skill for transcriptionists and productive writers, and that's true. But not only for them, how much time do you spend a day recording or searching for information on the keyboard? We all do, so typing faster has become an almost universal skill. Keep reading this post and […]

September 8, 2023
What is medical transcription and how to become a medical transcriptionist (2023)

Thanks to medical transcription, healthcare professionals and hospital centres have patients' medical records, with all their symptoms, diseases, diagnoses and treatments. Today, there is a great demand for this service, and since it is a specialized type of transcription, there is less competition in the job market, and the rates they pay are higher. Interested […]

Jeper Balfe
Jesper Balfe
Producer, Brand New Content

“ScriptMe is fantastic. So damn good. I just did a TV show, “Swedish Crime Case,” and needed to get started with script writing as soon as possible.
Two hours of an interview that needed transcribing, ScriptMe solved it in a blink.
I could start writing the day after we filmed. It is nice that the time code is included and follows along as you listen.”

Job van Eldijk
Planning Architect, Ramboll

"ScriptMe offers an outstanding transcription service! We have used the site for the transcription of approx. 45h of interview recordings in Swedish as part of a research project.
It allowed us to start the analyses of the text many weeks earlier than if we would have done the transcriptions by hand.

We estimate that we have saved 225 h of work. "

Cia Hedenström
Producer, Senior Project Manager

"I tested ScriptMe on a large Reality show production with a hectic post-production workflow. We needed to produce many episodes with a tight schedule. We had a lot of dailies coming in every week and the production period was very long.
The process of transcribing went incredibly faster with ScriptMe and speeded up the whole post-production process, which was invaluable.
I do not hesitate to use the tool again !."