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March 21, 2023
Open captions vs closed captions: Whats the difference

Open captions and closed captions are valuable for all people and that is why they are used in television, movies, video games, video software and streaming services. But, do you know what is the difference between open and closed captions? In this post I will tell you what it is, what these subtitles consist of […]

March 17, 2023
What is a transcriptionist and how to become a very good one

Being a transcriptionist opens up the possibility of doing flexible work from home and earning money. But do you know what a transcriptionist is? And most importantly, do you know how to differentiate yourself and be an excellent one? If you are facing the decision to become a transcriptionist, or you are a transcriptionist and […]

March 16, 2023
Closed captioning vs subtitles: 3 differences you must know

Do you know what closed captioning and subtitles are? Although both are audio texts, they have characteristics that differentiate them. Knowing these characteristics will allow you to know when it is more appropriate to use each one. Read this post and learn the differences between closed captioning and subtitles, so you can reach more and […]

March 16, 2023
Online transcription jobs for beginners: +10 Best websites

Do you enjoy writing and need to generate extra income? If so, you can apply for online transcription jobs for beginners. Being a transcriptionist allows you to earn money with flexible hours and it doesn't require that much experience, sometimes none at all. If you have a certain speed and level of typing accuracy, this […]

Jeper Balfe
Jesper Balfe
Producer, Brand New Content

“ScriptMe is fantastic. So damn good. I just did a TV show, “Swedish Crime Case,” and needed to get started with script writing as soon as possible.
Two hours of an interview that needed transcribing, ScriptMe solved it in a blink.
I could start writing the day after we filmed. It is nice that the time code is included and follows along as you listen.”

Job van Eldijk
Planning Architect, Ramboll

"ScriptMe offers an outstanding transcription service! We have used the site for the transcription of approx. 45h of interview recordings in Swedish as part of a research project.
It allowed us to start the analyses of the text many weeks earlier than if we would have done the transcriptions by hand.

We estimate that we have saved 225 h of work. "

Cia Hedenström
Producer, Senior Project Manager

"I tested ScriptMe on a large Reality show production with a hectic post-production workflow. We needed to produce many episodes with a tight schedule. We had a lot of dailies coming in every week and the production period was very long.
The process of transcribing went incredibly faster with ScriptMe and speeded up the whole post-production process, which was invaluable.
I do not hesitate to use the tool again !."