Salary for medical transcriptionist: How much they can earn in 2024

Do you want to know what is the salary of a medical transcriptionist in the United States? Here we tell you and also in which cities and states pay more.

This information is particularly useful if you are a medical transcriptionist, because it will let you know where your salary is in relation to the average. If it's at or above average, it means you're doing well.

If your salary is below average, it's a very good time to find out. In this post we give you hints of options and decisions you can make to increase your medical transcriptionist salary in 2023.

How much do medical transcriptionists earn?

The salary of medical transcriptionists is highly variable. It depends on their education, certifications, additional skills (such as the number of words typed per minute), experience and number of hours worked.

medical transcription salary

Additionally, there is a difference in how much a medical transcriptionist earns according to the company, city or state, which is a very interesting factor to take into account.

With this background information we are going to answer the question, using as sources of information recognized employment platforms in the United States.

Medical transcriptionist salary in the U.S.

To find out how much is the average salary for medical transcription we consulted Salary.com website. It is one of the most senior and credible sources of information, it has very valuable online compensation data in real time.

For this website as of May 1, 2023, the average salary for a medical transcriptionist in the U.S. is $32,757 annually.

Regarding how much medical transcriptionists most typically earn, salaries range from $28,899 to $36,943.

average salaries for medical transcription

Salary.com data reflects significant variability in salaries for medical transcription. It can mean significant growth opportunities in this specialty for those who complete comprehensive training and gain experience.

Medical transcription salaries, according to Indeed

Based on 364 salaries recorded as of May 21, 2023, for Indeed the median hourly medical transcriptionist salary is $17.59 in the United States.

Identify the best companies for medical transcriptionists in the country and their hourly pay:

  • NMCI Medical Clinic,  $36.79
  • MModal, $24.56
  • TotalMed, $24.08
  • Vtech Solution Inc, $23.20
  • Lakeshore Talent, $21.95
  • MWIDM Inc., $20.39
  • Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine, $20,33
  • Synergy Laboratories, $19.01
  • Retina Consultants, Ltd, $18.25

If you compare the medical transcriptionist salary paid at these companies on an hourly basis, the workplace is a determining variable in how much medical transcriptionists earn.

Salaries for medical transcriptionists, according to ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter is a major employment platform, continuously scanning its database of millions of active jobs posted across the United States.

For ZipRecruiter as of May 17, 2023, the national average remote medical transcription salary stands at $43,503 per year.

medical transcription wage

This represents approximately $20.91 per hour pay, equates to $836 per week and an estimated $3,625 per month.

This remote medical transcription salary range is even higher, ranging from low pay of $24,000 to higher pay of $60,000 per year. And most remote medical transcription salaries range from $36,000 to $47,500.

How much remote medical transcriptionists earn is highly variable and this can be interpreted as a market in which professional growth is possible.

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Medical Transcriptionists

There are 10 cities in which the salary for remote medical transcription is above the national average and are shown in the following table.

City Annual salary Payment per month Weekly payment Hourly wage
Santa Cruz, California $54,662 $4,555 $1,051 $26.28
Sunnyvale, California $53,288 $4,440 $1,024 $25,62
Tariffville, Connecticut $52,778 $4,398 $1,014 $25,37
Livermore, California $52,656 $4,388 $1,012 $25,32
Potomac Heights, Maryland $52,228 $4,352 $1,004 $25,11
Barnstable Town, Massachusetts $51,911 $4,325 $998 $24.96
Kent, Washington $51,324 $4,277 $987 $24.68
Vacaville, California $51,233 $4,269 $985 $24.63
Bratenahl, Ohio $51,146 $4,262 $983 $24.59
Aristocrat Ranchettes, Colorado $50,714 $4,226 $975 $24.38

In these cities there is little variation in relation to the hourly wage paid. However, if you work for a lower paying city you may consider the idea of changing the location of your transcriptions remotely to increase your chances of economic advancement.

Average medical transcription salary by state

Now we present to you the list of states with the highest average salaries for medical transcription.

State Annual salary Payment per month Weekly payment Hourly wage
Washington $50.366 $4.197 $968 $24.21
New York $47.763 $3.980 $918 $22.96
Idaho $44.566 $3.713 $857 $21.43
Hawai $43.425 $3.618 $835 $20,88
Maine $42.401 $3.533 $815 $20.39
South Dakota $41.077 $3.423 $789 $19.75
Minnesota $40.404 $3.367 $777 $19.43
Indiana $39.545 $3.295 $760 $19.01
New Hampshire $39.125 $3.260 $752 $18.81
Rhode Island $38.644 $3.220 $743 $18.58

As can be seen in Washington, New York and Idaho, the salary of medical transcriptionists is above the national average (estimated at $43,503).

All other states have annual salaries below the average, which could be interpreted as a limited job market for medical transcriptionists.

medical transcriber salaries

However, in how much medical transcriptionists earn in Washington, New York and Hawaii, one variable to consider is the cost of living.

Hawaii in particular is considered a very expensive state to live in, which may explain why the salary in those states is above average.

This is actually another interesting perspective when analyzing how much medical transcriptionists earn. Consider living in places with lower living costs to get the most out of your remote medical transcriptionist salary.


There is a very wide range of medical transcriptionist salaries, there is quite a big difference between the lowest and the highest salary.

That difference has to do with the knowledge, skills and experience profile of the transcriptionist, but also in an important way with the dedication, place of employment and company for which you work.

We hope you find this post on the average salary for medical transcription very useful. You can use it not only to realize the location of your salary in relation to the average, but also as an input to negotiate with potential employers, or if you work on projects on your own.

And don't forget the data on how much medical transcriptionists earn in the 10 cities we've told you about or in the major states. Explore opportunities and apply, if you get hired you can earn more in 2023 with a simple change of remote work location.

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