Outsourcing transcription services: 5 considerable advantages

Did you know that more and more organizations are outsourcing transcription services?

And these are not only large companies linked to the media, such as television, newspaper and film editors, universities, companies in the financial sector, market research, legal, medical services and many more.

For all these organizations, outsourcing represents a series of advantages; here are the five most outstanding ones.

Why outsource transcription services? Five benefits

Because outsourcing transcription services provides organizations with a series of advantages that contribute to their growth and well-being, the following are only the five most important ones.

1. Saves a lot of effort and time

Suppose you delegate the conversion of audio or videos to text to your collaborators. In that case, it will be done manually, implying making an effort and investing hours to achieve the objective.

As an interesting fact, we tell you that an expert transcriber invests approximately 4 hours in transcribing 1 hour of audio; imagine the time it takes someone who is not an expert.

And additionally, transcriptions may not have the required quality because they do not have the necessary technical resources, skills and knowledge.

Thanks to the advance of technology and the incorporation of artificial intelligence, companies that offer transcription services and save all that effort and time investment have been created.

Find out here the 10 best transcription software on the market.

2. Leave it in the hands of an experienced professional or an automatic tool

If fast and quality transcriptions are required, it will always be convenient to hire the services of specialized companies.

They have, among other things, powerful software and teams of qualified transcriptionists with knowledge and experience, allowing them to deliver fast and completely accurate transcriptions.

benefits of outsourcing transcription services

3. Receive direct support and help

This is another great advantage of outsourcing transcription services.

You will have the technical support of the outsourced transcription service, which you can contact to clarify any doubts regarding the transcriptions.

Having the support of experts and updated professionals makes a big difference because it will solve any problem, and you will be sure to get the correct transcriptions that you or the company require.

4. Reduce your team's workload

The challenges of organizations are such that most employees are already overloaded with activities. If there is an additional requirement for transcription, adding even more workload will cause stress and can affect the existing good atmosphere among the group.

You can hire internal transcriptionists, but with that decision, you would overburden your human resources or human capital colleagues. They would spend time defining the competencies to engage the required profiles, which is not the idea either.

outsourcing transcribing services

The idea is to reduce the workload and optimize the use of time and competencies of the entire team. In this sense, hiring a transcription company is of great value.

5. Significantly increases transcription accuracy

A professional transcription service, performed by an expert transcriptionist, is 100% accurate. No matter how much effort and time you or a collaborator put into it, this isn't easy to achieve because you must know how to do it and have the technology.

Automatic transcriptions are not as accurate, at 85%, but with the editor, it will be possible to correct and bring it to 100% accuracy.

Which outsourced transcription services to choose?

1. ScriptMe

ScriptMe outsourcing transcription service

ScriptMe is one of the most innovative automated transcription services with super-fast delivery. Its cutting-edge technology ensures high accuracy, guaranteeing the correct transcription of audio and video content.

It is a versatile solution for various transcription needs because its platform offers many export formats, such as Avid, Adobe Premiere, Word, STL, and SRT for subtitles.

ScriptMe is easy to use; you can upload files in over 30 languages and start the transcription process almost instantly.

Most ScriptMe users are delighted because they have an efficient tool that saves them time and money.

2. Professional transcriptionist

There are cases in which the best alternative is to hire the services of professional transcription companies carried out by humans.

We refer to when you must transcribe poor quality audio with a lot of background noise, involving more than two speakers, with particular accents, or using local or regional expressions. In all these cases, it will be difficult for the machines to convert the audio into text correctly and accurately.

3. Platforms with human transcription

There are several human transcription platforms; one is Rev, which offers automatic and human transcription services.

It is one of the most well-known and widely used transcription companies worldwide for its wide range of transcription options, from audio files to Zoom subtitles.

Another company you can consider hiring for outsourcing legal and other types of transcription services is TranscribeMe. With this company, if you are not happy with the automated transcription, you will only pay the difference and have a human transcription done by 100% accurate professional transcriptionists.


We have presented you the five significant advantages of outsourcing transcription services: saving time and effort, leaving transcriptions in professional hands, having the necessary technical support, reducing the workload of the teams and increasing the accuracy of the transcription.

Now that you know them, are you ready to outsource transcription services? At ScriptMe, we are at your disposal to transcribe your audio and videos efficiently, accurately and quickly so that you can increase your productivity or that of your organization.

Contact us, and we'll tell you more about our services and plans!

Emil Nikkhah
Hi, I'm Emil Nikkhah.
For over 25 years, I have successfully built several television post-production companies.
Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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