How to Transcribe Vimeo Videos to Text

If you are part of the community of this platform, you know about its professionalism, and you will surely be interested in learning how to transcribe Vimeo videos to text.

This way, you will increase the accessibility of your content and gain more audiences. Don't know how to do it? Here, we tell you about three possible ways and their step-by-step steps so you can choose the most convenient for you.

Why transcribe Vimeo videos to text?

Many artists, entrepreneurs, producers and creators choose to transcribe Vimeo videos to text to meet the needs of all audiences, including people with hearing or cognitive impairments.

transcribe vimeo video

It also makes it easier for people to be silent viewers, if required for different reasons so that you can increase your content's views.

Vimeo stands out for its video quality, and without a doubt, having transcripts is a decision very much in tune with today's world; here, you can read about the 7 powerful benefits of transcribing.

How to transcribe Vimeo videos?

You can transcribe Vimeo videos through its website and the services of companies and people specialising in transcription. Below, we tell you about each of these ways and their steps.

Vimeo website

You can use the Vimeo platform to generate the automatic transcription of your videos; for this, you need to have a paid account and enable the function. Below is the sequence of steps to follow:

  1. You can access the website of Vimeo.
  2. Find the video you want to transcribe, you can use the video URL or Vimeo's search tool.
  3. Click "Download"; this option is at the bottom of the video player.
  4. Hover over "Choose file" next to "Download titles and subtitles".
  5. The option to select the language will appear. Click on the language in which you want to download the transcripts. The platform will do this in an SRT file on your device.
  6. Open the SRT file in a plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit to view the transcript.

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will be able to have the transcript of your video using the Vimeo platform. Please note that transcripts are not always available for all videos.

Automatic transcription service

Another possible way to transcribe a Vimeo video is through an automated transcription service.

Using ScriptMe's service, you can transcribe Vimeo videos to text for free with their 15-minute trial.

transcribe vimeo video with scriptme

It offers fast and accurate transcription and subtitling of your video in more than 30 languages. If you want to translate the content for other audiences, you have the option to do so in more than 100 languages.

Additionally, the platform ensures secure file uploading and downloading because it has the most powerful protocols and standards, and you can share the link to the transcription with your work team or whoever you decide.

Here are the steps to transcribe Vimeo videos in ScriptMe:

The first thing is to access ScriptMe and upload the video; you can upload the Vimeo video file in any format you want.

transcribe video vimeo step vi step

Identify the language in which the video audio is and click on the "Transcription" option.

Review the generated transcription and make the necessary corrections with its powerful editor so it will be perfect for your audience.

transcription vimeo

Once you are satisfied with the transcript, download the file to export and share it with others (you have the options Avid, Adobe Premiere, SRT, TXT, DOC, VTT and more).

vimeo transcription video

This is how easy and almost instantly you can transcribe Vimeo videos with ScriptMe's automatic transcription generator.

Now, you have to upload the transcript to Vimeo, and you're done.

transcript vimeo

Alternatively, you can create the subtitles when uploading your file by selecting Subtitles instead of Transcription.

You can also do it from the transcript by clicking on Convert at the top right of the dashboard.

transcribe vimeo to text

Activate them by clicking on CC and the icon to the right to display the transcript.

Human transcription service

You can also transcribe Vimeo videos to text by enlisting the services of a human transcriptionist. Here are the steps:

  1. You can hire the services of a transcription company or use a freelance transcriptionist.
  2. Depending on the service hired, you will upload the video file to a platform or send it to the site they indicate.
  3. You specify the type of transcription required.
  4. You wait to receive the transcription file.

Human transcription services are generally more expensive and have a waiting time, which can vary from a few hours to a week, depending on the service chosen and the file size.


Transcribing videos from Vimeo to text will bring professionalism, quality and accessibility to your content; more people worldwide can view them.

You can obtain the transcriptions through the Vimeo website by hiring the services of an automatic transcription company or a service provided by humans.

At ScriptMe, we offer fast and accurate transcripts that you can edit and give your style. Additionally, you will have access to other services, such as translation and collaborative workspaces.

All this will allow you to enhance your content and make the most of it to increase your professional success in 2024. Contact us; we will gladly tell you more about our services and prices.

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