How to Promote Your YouTube Videos: 20 Steps Guide

Are you a YouTuber? Then this post is for you.

We tell you how to promote your YouTube videos effectively to get more views and achieve a strong presence on the most visited page in the world (after Google).

Knowing about this topic will allow you to generate online traffic and boost your brand or store, and you won't need to invest money because it's all about creativity and staying active. Read on and find out everything!

Before promoting your YouTube videos, what should be taken into account?

Knowing how to promote your YouTube videos can lead to high views and the network highlighting your video on a landing page or placing it as the next video in a viewer's queue.

The more people that view your video, the more likely YouTube's algorithm will recommend it to the network's viewers (who are potential customers).

promote videos on youtube

But you will be able to take advantage of it only if your video is of quality. It is the most determinant for your efforts to promote your videos on YouTube to be effective and to build a successful channel.

Success means having a channel focused on a topic and gaining subscribers thanks to the quality of your videos: keep in mind that quality comes first for marketing to work.

What does it mean to make quality videos?

Generating quality videos refers to both content and production. Ask yourself beforehand: What problem does it solve, or what need does it satisfy? Is it entertaining? and How does it improve the audience's life?

Also, the video must look professional, have a good camera, do sound checks before recording, and learn basic editing skills. It can help to look for successful channels like yours, spot what they do, and give it your style.

If you love what you do, learning the best practices for producing quality videos will be easy.

What are the most effective ways to promote your YouTube videos? 20 steps

With high-quality videos, it's just a matter of deploying intelligent actions. One of these actions is transcribing YouTube videos from a link with ScriptMe to reach more global audiences.

In addition to this, here are more tools and tricks to promote your videos on YouTube.

1. Publish high-quality videos on a regular basis

YouTube viewers watch videos with honest messages and in harmony with their interests or needs. Always respect the audience's time and make interesting and original content available to them.

make a youtube video viral

This is how to create views, followers and participation over time whenever you publish a new video.

In addition to publishing good content, you need to do it frequently; try to post a new video at least every two weeks and a preview once or twice a week.

2. Add the transcript and subtitles in multiple languages.

With the transcription and subtitles of your YouTube videos, you will not only make your content much more accessible and available to everyone, but the algorithm will prioritize them. It will be displayed more frequently and in better places.

Transcripts benefit the video's SEO positioning, as they signal the algorithm about what the video is about.

promote video youtube transcription

This allows the search engine and the social network itself to identify and enhance the reach.

If the transcription and subtitles are in multiple languages, then more people will come across them globally.

You can use ScriptMe to transcribe your YouTube videos and reach where you never imagined with your channel.

3. Your profile information

An attractive profile is one of the fastest ways to promote your YouTube channel and improve SEO.

Some recommendations for creating a profile are using colours, writing style, and design similar to your website and other social networks; adding keywords also helps.

Inform your followers when and how often you will post content, and be sure to comply. Include contact information because someone may want to contact you and make a productive partnership.

4. Respect community standards

YouTube is taking steps to stop inappropriate content due to the growing number of underage viewers.

Failure to abide by this rule will result in the video being flagged and removed from the recommendation feature. If you are ever unsure about content, please review the community guidelines.

5. Spark interest with titles

One of the easiest ways to promote your videos on YouTube is to write engaging titles that can get you to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Being specific is a good option; for example, "The best desserts to show off at home" is broad and may not capture the search intent of as many users as "The best desserts if you don't know how to bake" or "The best desserts to enjoy without guilt".

How to promote youtube video

These last 2 examples are focused and have the power to appeal to a smaller audience because they align with their particular interests.

6. Use trending keywords

One way to stand out on the YouTube search engine results page is to place trending keywords in the title and description of the video.

You can use free keyword planning tools from Google and find trending keywords relevant to your channel.

You also have the option to find trending keywords in the YouTube search bar. Just type in a few words and let YouTube's autocomplete feature show you the search results.

You can then use the title suggested by YouTube to inspire you. The idea is to strike a balance between search engine optimization (SEO) and reflecting your content.

Avoid using trending keywords that do not reflect the content of the video; the audience may feel tricked or manipulated and will no longer watch the content.

7. Use hashtags

Use keywords to create hashtags for the titles and descriptions of your videos, and also make them from your own content or that of other creators who inspire you.

An easy way to do this is if you have had a special guest on your channel, you can use their name as a hashtag to attract their followers to your content.

8. Create thumbnail versions

Creating custom thumbnail versions is an effective way to promote your videos on YouTube.

They can grab the audience's attention and motivate them to click on your video. These versions will load when you create the video within your content creation page.

How to promote a YouTube video

You can do this by extracting a thumbnail image from your video or upload a separate image from your computer. The image can be 1280 x 720 pixels in your preferred format (JPG, PNG or GIF) and should be no larger than 2 MB.

Thumbnails that work best are high-quality images (can be one-sided), bright contrasting colours, action shots and bold text (no more than six words).

9. Interact with your followers

The most successful YouTubers constantly read, monitor and interact with their audience.

promote videos youtube

Respond to all comments (even negative ones), highlight your favourites, post response videos, and use analytics to identify your top fans and show appreciation.

10. Make accurate descriptions of your videos and YouTube channel.

The descriptions of your videos and YouTube channel significantly influence their placement on search pages.

The most effective descriptions are direct and short, reflecting the keywords detected in your SEO research. Ensure the report reflects your videos' content as well as possible.

promoting youtube video

In the description of your channel, focus on keywords and use precise terms to attract more attention.

11. Promote YouTube videos on other platforms

YouTube's interface allows you to embed videos on websites programmed in HTML5 so that you can publish videos on other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Promote YouTube video

This will attract your followers to find you on those social networks. Specifically, on Facebook, it is possible to set up videos to be viewed publicly and allow others to share them on their site.

12. Collaborate with other creators on YouTube

If you're wondering how to promote your videos on YouTube to get more exposure, the answer is to find content creators interested in cross-promoting on others' channels.

You can generate videos or link to each other's videos and websites. You can take the partnership beyond YouTube and promote the videos on each other's social media accounts.

The idea of the alliance between both creators is to gain a segment of each other's audience for your channel.

13. Recorded and live videos

YouTube is among the most popular live-streaming platforms worldwide, your audiences expect live and recorded videos.

Even if your style as a content creator is to perfectly plan, record and edit content, open yourself to new possibilities and try live videos.

Promote Your videos for Youtube

If you find it a little tricky initially, you can try reaction videos to other YouTube content, Q&As, webinars, live tutorials, or product demonstrations.

Don't worry about perfection; one of the biggest appeals of live streaming is that you don't know what will happen; this adds to the fun and creates a more personal relationship with your audience.

14. Playlists for your videos

The more videos you have on your channel, the more difficult it will be for the audience to navigate. To avoid this, organize the content into specific categories so they can enjoy all your productions.

Playlists will help them find the content they want in your channel and encourage their subscription when they finish watching your videos.

15. More interactive content

Using YouTube's Community tab, you can create interactive posts and remind people of your content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

These posts can consist, in addition to videos, of quizzes, polls, text, still images and GIFs. Use them to create interaction with your audience and keep them updated about your company or projects.

The YouTube Community tab is among the advanced features in the content creation portal.

16. Follow trends on YouTube

It is very important to stay active on YouTube and keep track of videos with many views. Look for content trends, whether music videos, explainer videos or format trends like YouTube Shorts.

Find out the best way to join popular trends without straying from your brand.

17. Add a YouTube widget to your website

By adding a widget to the footer or sidebar of your website, anyone visiting the site can view your videos and interact.

This single action alone can convert clicks into views of your content and encourage interested visitors to subscribe to your channel.

18. Use YouTube analytics tools

There are tools to monitor your videos and determine the level of audience engagement. Some metrics include number of views, viewing time and number of new subscriptions.

If you are part of YouTube's partner program, the amount of money earned from ads is also monitored. You can also find out which videos are performing best and get clues on what content to create in the future.

19. Run contests

Promoting your videos on YouTube and attracting new subscribers is very effective. The idea is to attract people who are genuinely interested in your content and not just for the prize.

Ensure the prize is related to your topic; for example, if you want to attract people interested in gastronomy, an award could be a book, a tasting experience at a trendy restaurant or a mini-course on techniques.

20. Promote your entire YouTube channel

On YouTube, just as you can share your videos, you can also promote your entire channel, encouraging the audience to subscribe after viewing a video.

Promote youtube videos

Cuando publiques enlaces en sitios web externos, considera la idea de vincular a la página de inicio de tu canal de YouTube, en lugar de únicamente a un video.


Dispones de variadas opciones para promocionar tus videos de YouTube, lograr ampliar el alcance de tus contenidos, encontrar tu nicho y lograr visitas a videos y canal, sin invertir dinero.

Ahora con estas ideas de cómo promocionar tus videos en YouTube de manera efectiva, puedes diseñar un plan de marketing personalizado y hacer crecer tu canal.

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