How to Add Closed Captions or Subtitles on Vimeo: Step by step

Are you on this social network? It is one of the best options for uploading videos, and there is always something interesting to watch.

You will find all kinds of content in the form of videos, and so that you can enrich the viewing experience, here we explain how you can add closed captions on Vimeo.

Do you know what closed captions are?

While both closed captions and subtitles include the display of on-screen text to provide access to the audio track of videos, they are intended to meet the needs of different audiences.

Specifically, closed caption text translates the audio dialogue from one language to another to facilitate understanding of the content for those who are not fluent in the video's original language.

They only include dialogue, translate the language as text and assume that people can hear.

As for closed captions, they have been designed to allow people with hearing difficulties to see and understand the content of the videos. This is why they include dialogue, sound effects, and music references.

As you can see, closed captions make video content accessible to millions of people around the world.

How to add closed captions on Vimeo?

You can add closed captions on Vimeo with its automatic tool by linking your Vimeo account to Vimeo's OTT account.

Once you have done this, we will explain how to add closed captions as a viewer or video creator and the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Adding closed captions to your videos

If you are a creator, it is possible to add closed captions to your videos by uploading your file, it is not complicated at all if you follow these steps:

1. Upload your video and set up the essential information.

add subtitules and closed captions to vimeo

2. Set up the title, category and additional elements.

subtitles to vimeo

3. In the left sidebar, click Captions > Settings

add subtitles to vimeo

4. Subtitle your video with ScriptMe and export the SRT or VTT file.

add subtitles to a vimeo video

5. Upload the file.

put subtitles on vimeo video

6. Activate the subtitles, and you are done.

add captions to vimeo

If closed captions or subtitles are unavailable for your videos, you can purchase them through the reliable providers listed in the "Settings" tab.

What file formats does Vimeo support?

Vimeo supports the following file formats for closed captions and subtitles: SRT, WebVTT, SCC, DFXP/TTML and SAMI files. However, it is strongly recommended that WebVTT be used.

It is also suggested that the files be encoded in UTF-8 format. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will contain special characters and not be displayed correctly during video playback.

How do you customize the appearance of closed captions in Vimeo?

You can access the "Customize" menu in the CC settings if you have them enabled as a viewer.

In this way, it will be possible to edit the font size, font colour, font bode style, background colour and background opacity.

Creators can access this feature using WebVTT standards in closed caption files during upload.

If you want to edit the appearance of the closed captions, click the CC button below the player. Then select "Customize"; the "Font", "Background", and "Window" menus contain customizable settings. You need to have captions and subtitles enabled to see the changes.

Turning closed captions on and off while watching video playback

You can easily turn closed captions on and off while watching a video. All you need to do is click the CC button on the player's bottom toolbar.

It is as simple as choosing the closed captions you want to see from the menu that appears on the screen.

Vimeo uses the Helvetica Neue font in bold style for both; the font size will be adjusted to the size of your browser window.

In general, video creators upload closed captions and subtitles to their videos. If your language is absent, it is probably because the video has not yet been translated or transcribed. You can contact the creator directly for consultation.

With ScriptMe, you can also add subtitles to your Vimeo videos

add vimeo subtitles

If you want to get more creative and enhance the subtitles of your Vimeo videos, you can use ScriptMe's transcription, translation and subtitling services.

With the subtitle service, you can easily customize your subtitles using its powerful and intuitive editing page. You can design trim with precision and choose the perfect colour, font and background to give your videos a professional look.

In addition, the platform supports more than 30 languages and allows you to translate your subtitles into more than 100 languages. This way, you can reach more audiences around the world.

It supports multiple file formats, including Avid, Adobe, Resolve, Office Word, SRT, ATT and EBU STL for subtitles. A great feature is the ability to export your videos to Vimeo with recorded subtitles and share the transcripts with anyone you want.

You can access them here and try their services for free; you will be amazed at the quality, accuracy, speed and ease of generating and editing your subtitles for Vimeo.


As we have shown you, adding closed captions or subtitles on Vimeo is not complicated; it is just a matter of carefully following a sequence of steps.

You can also use a specialized automatic transcription service such as ScriptMe. We invite you to try the free trial and experience the accuracy, speed and simplicity with which you can perfectly subtitle your videos for Vimeo.

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