How to produce subtitles for Adobe Premiere

You can use ScriptMe and Adobe Premiere Pro to add subtitles to your clips easily.

This is how you do it from Adobe Premiere Pro to ScriptMe and back again.

Adobe Premiere Pro export tips

    • (Video) If you are exporting video and don't want to download your file with subtitle burn on from ScriptMe, please export the video in h.264 codec, video size 320*180 bitrate 200kbps. But we accept higher.
    • (Video) If you need to export a video with subtitle burn on from ScriptMe, please upload the size and resolution you would like to publish your video later.
    • (Audio) Suppose you need a fast turnaround. Export only the audio in .wav file format. That whey you have the best possible quality in the shortest time it takes to export. Fast to export and fast to upload to ScriptMe.

Export audio  or video from Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Select your clip that you want to transcribe with

  • With the clip selected, click File from the menu and click Export and then click Media.

  • To Export video and audio from Adobe Premiere Pro, pick both Export Video and Export Audio. 

  • To export only audio from Adobe Premiere Pro, pick only Export Audio. (file format .wav, and do not compress)

(Audio)-Always keep the audio in the best possible format/codec. Better audio quality gives you a better result.

  • Export your video or audio and save your file to your hard drive.

Now you're done with Adobe Premiere, for now, we will come back to Adobe Premiere Pro when we want to insert our subtitles.

Workflow in ScriptMe

No jump into your account.

If you have an Enterprise account have been invited by someone with an Enterprise account, you will have the Projects future.

For more future search for enterprise user help.

Upload your media files

  • Create a folder and name it as desired so you can easily organize your clips.

  • Write a folder name and press Create folder.

  • Jump into the folder you just created and press the Upload file button to start uploading your files

Upload popup appears.

Read the general tips if it is the first time you are here.

More information on uploading and transcribing with ScriptMe here.

General tips

  • Please upload the highest quality audio that you can.
  • Recommendation for video 320*180 bitrate 200kbps. But we accept higher.
  • Better audio = Better transcriptMaximum file size: 2GB.

  • Drag and drop your files in the Drop file area. Or Browse the file and add your files to the queue.

Please keep in mind that you can upload only 5 files every time (turn).

But you can do that as many time that you like when the files have started to upload.

  • Drop your files in Drag and Drop area.

  • Your files are ready to be transcribed.

  •  Chose the original Language that is spoken in your file. (In this case, it is Swedish).

Note. Remember that you can use ScriptMe for translating, but you always need to start with the original langue and transcribe that first.

After that, you can choose to translate.

  • Chose Transcription or Subtitles here we chose Transcription.

What is the difference between Transcription or Subtitles action?

If you pick Transcription, then you can edit the transcription in ScriptMe smart edit page before you export an SRT or STL file or convert the transcription to subtitles.

The benefits of Transcription is that you can have better control of the transcription, and you can also export in word or Adobe Premiere Pro XML for markers.

You can also choose to translate the transcription before export or converting to subtitles.


  •  Choose Transcription and press Finish.

Your file is being uploaded.

Your files are being transcribed.

  • When our transcription is ready.
    Click the See transcription button.

You are now in Edit Page, and you can playback the audio and video and follow along with the text, correct it if needed.

When you are satisfied with the result, then you can start to export the SRT file or convert your transcription to subtitle and work on it on the subtitle page.

To learn more about the subtitle page, please go to the help page for the subtitle page.

You can export your SRT file now, follow the coming steps.

  • Click on the "Export" button.

  • Select SRT File (.srt) from the export menu.

SRT export settings in ScriptMe.

  • Choose if you want your subtitle to show in 1 line or 2 lines.
  • Choose how many characters/line you want.

  • Save the SRT file on your hard drive.

Workflow import SRT to Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Back in Adobe Premiere Pro, place your clip in a sequence.

  •  Drag the SRT file from your drive and place it in the timeline at V2.

  • Now find out where to place the subtitles starting point.
  • You can zoom in and find the first spoken word, use the waveforms for help and place the first subtitle exactly where the subject start talking. The rest will follow and be in sync, exactly as it was in ScriptMe.

When you are done designing the subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro then you are ready to export your video and publish it as you like.

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