9 Best Zoom alternatives to have your meeting in 2024

Although we will always be grateful to you for keeping us in touch during the confinement, it is helpful to know about other alternatives to Zoom for your meetings.

There are many different options on the market, from simple and practical functions for individuals and small businesses to more complex and sophisticated ones for companies and corporations.

Join us in this post and find out the best and their main features.

9 Alternatives to Zoom for meetings

The Zoom alternative platforms for making video calls that we are going to present to you are easy to use, accessible, have many features and have robust security systems and privacy of information.

Considering these features and our professional experience in the industry, we offer you our top 9 of the best Zoom alternatives to make your video calls, transcribe meetings to text and enjoy all its features.

1. Google Meet

Google-Meet-best zoom alternatives

Google Meet is excellent for small teams and those who appreciate a easy-to-use and affordable conferencing and video-calling solution.

If you are a Google Meet user, it integrates seamlessly with other Google applications and has a free one-hour meeting plan for up to 100 participants.

If you pay for Google Workspace, it is a free service, and you can schedule meetings with a Google Meet link through Google Calendar and share files stored in Google Drive from the Meet call.

It has live transcription, generates captions and many more useful features for your meetings. It offers Business Starter ($6), Business Standard ($12), Business Plus ($18) and Enterprise (communicate with sales) plans.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft-Teams-best zoom alternatives

Do you add team chat to video conferencing? Microsoft Teams can be great for you because it is an all-in-one solution.

It integrates with Office 365 features in Microsoft, such as OneDrive PowerPoint, and you can incorporate stickers, emojis and GIFs into calls and chats to make them more dynamic and engaging.

It has interesting corporate functions, among others, large Teams meetings that support up to 10,000 people. Additionally, video calls can be made with blurred backgrounds, custom backgrounds, meeting rooms, screen sharing and meeting recording.

Transcribing Microsoft Teams meetings is easy; this platform offers you Microsoft Teams Essentials ($4), Microsoft 365 Business Basic ($6), and Microsoft 365 Business Standard ($12.50) plans.

3. Webex

Webex-best zoom alternatives

Webex is one of the great alternatives to Zoom; it is a leading platform with a trajectory in the business world, secure for its users and offers an elegant interface.

With the Webex application, it is possible to make clear video calls, organize video conferences, use instant messaging services with collaborative work tools and make meetings more attractive with emojis, presentations, background noise elimination and live translation.

It supports more than 100 applications to integrate into different projects easily; it stands out for its video and audio quality and advanced tools.

It offers free Webex for 40 minutes of meetings with 100 attendees, plus Webex Meeting ($14.50), Webex Suite ($25) and Webex Enterprise plans; you can also use Webex with ScriptMe.

4. Skype

Skype-best zoom alternatives

Skype is a long-time veteran in video conferencing and instant messaging; it stands out for its ease of use and excellent application integration.

It works with virtually all devices, offers excellent audio clarity and high-definition video, records calls, annotates key texts, and uses live captions to read spoken conversations.

It is an ideal tool for video calls with small groups and has an attractive interface and a wealth of encrypted messaging features and options.

It offers its users credit plans of $10, $25 and $50 to use its practical functions, and here you can automatically transcribe your Skype calls.

5. GoTo

GoTo - best zoom alternatives

GoTo is a meeting software with enterprise-level security, allowing you to work anywhere in the world because of its cloud storage system.

Among other features, it has screen sharing, drawing tools, hands-free meetings, attractive custom backgrounds and presenter control to share control of the keyboard or mouse.

Additionally, you can generate automatic transcripts, record them locally or in the cloud and generate statistics for meeting productivity analysis.

It offers a 14-day free trial and GoTo Meeting Professional ($12) plans with meetings of up to 150 participants, GoTo Meeting Business ($16) with unlimited meetings with up to 250 people, and if you want to transcribe your GoTo meetings, you can do it with ScriptMe.

6. Vowel

Vowel-best zoom alternatives

Vowel is an interactive video conferencing system with artificial intelligence and several practical and easy-to-use features to make all your meetings more productive.

With this software, you can bookmark favorite content, react with emojis, share text comments or ask questions, and have summaries, instant recordings, live transcripts, collaborative notes, agendas and more.

It offers a free plan to organize meetings of up to 40 minutes and 12 participants per meeting; additionally, the Business plan ($16.49) and the Enterprise plan.

7. Livestorm

Livestorm-best zoom alternatives

Livestorm, another of the best alternatives to Zoom, is a platform rich in functionality and perfectly suited for beginners and experienced users.

It is a flexible platform that adapts to your needs, whether it's a meeting or a large webinar, and you can use it for product demonstrations, training, creating live streaming events, or improving communication in the company with webinars and online meetings.

It is multilingual, and all emails, rooms, registration pages and more are available in 24 languages. With its enterprise plan, it can hold meetings of up to 3,000 people.

Regarding pricing, you pay only for the number of active contacts you need each month. They offer a free plan of up to 30 active contacts per month for 20 minutes per session; additionally, there are the Pro, Business and Enterprise plans.

8. Whereby

Whereby-best zoom alternatives

Whereby is a platform for simplified video calls and offers features to customize the room with names, URLs, branding and organize productive sessions with whiteboards.

This tool allows you to organize classes, workshops and events with work teams. It provides all the essential video conferencing functions, chat tools, meeting recording and screen sharing.

It offers different meeting plans: A free program to start with 100 attendees for 45 minutes of the meeting, a Professional plan ($6.99) and a Business plan ($9.99) for companies and teams of collaborators.

9. Discord

Discord-best zoom alternatives

Discord has fewer business functions because it was initially designed for games. However, it has evolved and has very efficient communication tools.

If you are interested in creating a community, it is a tool to facilitate the exchange and fun of the participants. It works by invitation, so it is easy to limit who can join.

It offers the Nitro Basic subscription plan ($2.99), which includes animated reactions per week, animated custom emojis and stickers. And the Nitro plan ($9.99) also includes HD streaming, animated avatar, custom video backgrounds and more features.

Discord is not one of the most conventional alternatives to Zoom, but it is a playful and cheerful space to meet and have a good time.


Among the best alternatives to Zoom, you will find the one that suits the needs of your projects; we suggest you enter the web pages of the most interesting ones for you and read all their information.

To decide which Zoom alternative is more convenient, consider your projects' needs. If you only have meetings with a small team of collaborators, a free option may work for you.

On the other hand, more advanced features are ideal for organizations or projects where video conferences with many participants are held daily and work is collaborative.

We hope that our review of Zoom alternatives will save you time in finding the one that best suits your projects and allow you to take your productivity to another level.

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