+10 Best YouTube Marketing tools in 2024

Do you want to have a very successful YouTube channel?

For this, you need to have marketing tools that create an excellent experience for your users.

There is a wide variety of such tools on the market, but here is our selection of the 10 most powerful and interesting ones.

Read on and get to know them.

Top 10 YouTube Marketing Tools for Marketers and Content Creators

The best marketing tools for YouTube are software to create and market your content, including transcription, translation and subtitling features, video editing, content management, product marketing strategies, and more.

Which one is right for you? It will depend on the nature of the project, skills, experience, and budget. Although, as you will see, some tools are free, or you can try out their features before subscribing or purchasing a plan, we present them to you now.

1. ScriptMe

scriptme - best marketing tool for youtube

ScriptMe is a powerful all-in-one platform for transcription, translation and subtitling. Developed with artificial intelligence, it offers fully automated services, and its use could not be easier.

In just three simple steps and just a few minutes, you can transcribe audio or video files for YouTube, reach more audiences (in English or multilingual), and create subtitles in just two clicks.

You can also easily subtitle YouTube videos in over 30 languages and export them in SRT or VTT, or embed them within the video.

In addition to its subscription plans, it now offers the ScriptMe Lite version for Windows computers and Mac and iMac devices, which allows unlimited transcriptions from anywhere (no internet required) without uploading any content to the cloud.

2. ChatGPT

chatgpt - best youtube marketing tools

One of the best marketing tools for YouTube is ChatGPT, which, with its advanced artificial intelligence technology, has revolutionized the content creation and marketing industry.

With ChatGPT, you can have conversations and get answers in natural language, solve equations, correct code, or translate. If you are a content creator, you can ask a specific question, and their system will provide you with a coherent text, a story, a script, or an article.

A widespread use is developing chatbots to give natural answers to questions. The great thing is that it doesn't require many skills, and it's free.

3. Movavi

movavi - best marketing tools for youtube

Movavi is an ideal video editor for YouTube, with predefined settings for intros, effects, and transitions. It is distinguished by its intuitive interface, very easy to use for beginners, and which professionals will take full advantage of.

It includes ready-to-use multimedia files; it is also possible to import photos, audio, and videos or add sample videos, backgrounds, and intros from the collection. Additionally, it has a music library and beautiful sound effects.

You can edit videos for free for seven days and use the software's full functionality. If you like it, you can purchase an annual or lifetime access.

4. FixthePhoto

fixthephoto - best marketing tools for youtube

FixThePhoto offers professional high-quality photo retouching services; any type of Photoshop will work for all genres and complexity of what you want to do.

It is fast (24-hour turnaround), affordable and safe for beginner and professional photographers to take photos and FixThePhoto edit them.

It edits photos of weddings, bodies, newborns, jewelry, and products, transforms photos, and restores them; it has attractive thumbnail editing, with which you get more views.

To use the tool, you create an account, upload the photos, write detailed instructions about what you want, and accept the work (or request changes). It has different plans, starting with the basic $2.50 per photo.

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp - best marketing tools for youtube

One of the most powerful marketing tools is Mailchimp email; it has expertly designed email templates that allow you to customize them and build your brand.

It can connect with more than 300 application integrations, create automation and online stores, predict who may buy again, segment customers, and analyze performance with customized reports.

It offers a variety of plans, one of which is the Free plan for beginners: it includes all the essential functions to start with 500 contacts and 1,000 mailings per month (with a daily limit of 500).

6. VidIQ

VidIQ - best marketing tools for youtube

Are you a YouTuber? Then you can't miss VidIQ; it's easy to use and specially designed to increase views on this channel.

One of its most practical features is the generator of custom thumbnails of videos directly in the browser.

It includes features such as competitor analysis, trend alerts, keyword research, a YouTube thumbnail generator, video statistics comparisons, and a real-time overview of your channel statistics.

It offers free basic plans and other plans, with which it seeks to respond to the needs of your channel and audience.

7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse - best marketing tools for youtube

Another of the best marketing tools for YouTube is Agorapulse, and that's why social media managers so widely use it.

It allows you to easily monitor multiple YouTube channels, interact with followers in real-time, and detect trolls and unkind comments.

It schedules and publishes content, discovers mentions and gets the most relevant metrics.

It offers a free plan with ten scheduled posts, a basic social inbox, basic social media reporting, and a mobile app.

8. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo - best marketing tools for youtube

Buzzsumo is a handy analytics tool for YouTube, often used to search for trends and ideas.

One of the things that people spend the most time on is finding high-performing content for the channel; Buzzsumo makes it easy to detect which content works best.

Based on a large amount of data, the tool refines the marketing strategy to position the brand and increase success on YouTube.

It has paid plans starting at $199 monthly and offers discounts to NGOs, non-profit charities, and educational institutions.

9. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics - best marketing tools for youtube

We can not fail to tell you about Mentionlytics; it stands out for automatically collecting exciting and valuable data to learn more about your brand, competitors, and the market.

It allows you to identify niche business trends and design strategies for effective campaigns, analyze mentions and sentiment of comments, compare your brand's performance with your competitors, and identify potential influencers on YouTube to make collaborations and more marketing functions.

You can test and experiment with the tool during a 14-day free trial. It offers different plans; Basic is $49 per month.

10. TubeBuddy

Tubebuddy - best marketing tools for youtube

TubeBuddy is one of the most practical tools for managing your YouTube channel. It offers a free browser extension and mobile app to integrate with your channel effectively.

In addition, it offers templates to publish your videos in less time, find high-performing keywords and most searched topics for videos on your channel, create attractive thumbnails for videos, and predict which ones will get more clicks.

It allows you to simplify many of the tasks you do every day on your channel and offers several plans. The cheapest is the Pro plan, which is $4.50 per month.

More tools for YouTube

The handy YouTube Studio application also makes it easy to understand and connect with users in the channel community,, and it generates statistics to discover the results achieved with the content.

It offers much more: changing the design and look of the channel and sorting and filtering comments to identify meaningful conversations; for these reasons, we also recommend it.

Finally, you can experiment with YouTube Audio Library, which makes royalty-free music for videos available and adds them to your content. It has an extensive library organized by music genres and sound effects; you will indeed find what you are looking for to shine as a content creator.


We have presented the best marketing tools for YouTube, and all of them are real solutions to manage and enhance the success of your channel in 2024.

If you are interested in transcribing, translating, and subtitling your videos to upload to YouTube, you can do it with ScriptMe; tell us about your projects, and we will notify you more about our innovative service offer.

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Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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