Best ways to transcribe audio in 2024

Want to transcribe audio to text? Doing so will enhance your videos and reach more and better audiences worldwide.

And if you work in an academic, research, medical, legal or any other field, transcribing content is indispensable for documenting, organizing and processing information.

Different options are available; some are free and allow you to transcribe audio files to text quickly and accurately.

Read this post and find out what they are, so you can try the best ways and choose the ones that best suit you and your projects.

Top 5 ways to transcribe audio or video recordings

Transcribing empowers what you do, and we will share with you the most accessible, fast and accurate ways to transcribe your audio recording files.

They are different options, we will present you the 5 best ones, and you will be able to find out which ones you like or are more convenient for your projects.

1. Use ScriptMe to convert audio to text automatically

best ways to transcribe audio to text

If you want to have your audio files transcribed almost instantly, give your style to the content and end up with a perfect transcription, try ScriptMe.

ScriptMe is a transcription and subtitling service with artificial intelligence in more than 30 languages.

In just 3 steps, you will have your transcript automatically and with the editing tool, you can make the style changes you want, export it in different file types and share it.

The service adapts to your requirements, and you can transcribe as little or as much as you want.

It is ideal for all types of transcription, from technical content, such as medical, legal, academic or research, to giant media and television productions.

ScriptMe is customized with specific dictionaries for greater accuracy and transcription quality.

Using automatic software to transcribe audio is the most efficient option due to the service's fast delivery, content accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

best ways to transcribe an audio file

It is an excellent tool for students, scientists and researchers.

You can transcribe the latest lecture or countless hours of scientific interviews with test subjects. Our easy-to-use subtitling tool makes lectures easily accessible to everyone.

Here you have access to 15 minutes of free transcription; you can choose to upload a single file or upload three files of 5 minutes each. We will be glad if you try it and write to us with feedback on your experience.

2. Transcribe audio on your own

Among the best free ways to transcribe audio to text is the option to do it manually yourself.

If you haven't done it before, here is a 10-step guide to writing a transcription without dying trying.

Although it is an orderly and systematic sequence, remember that transcribing 1 minute of audio takes between 4 and 6 minutes if the recording has no sound problems.

It implies investing time and energy; this option may have advantages depending on what you are looking for.

best free ways to transcribe audio

For example, if you want to go deeper into content, you analyse it when listening to it. You are capturing what the speakers say and how they say it; this saves you significant time in analyzing the content.

So, doing it yourself can be the best of your options as long as you have the necessary time to dedicate to transcribing.

3. Use a professional transcription service

It is another of the best ways to transcribe audio to text with high accuracy.

It is performed by people with specific skills and technical resources to transcribe large audio files in a relatively quick amount of time.

Some choose this option because the service can include, among other things, tags to identify speakers, time stamps, and the grammar of the transcription is perfect.

In general, this type of transcription is carried out by professional teams working independently or for companies; it is a service that involves a certain turnaround time and is more expensive.

4. Convert audio to text with one of the best apps for Android or iOS

Do you have an iPhone? With your device, you can access speech-to-text apps for iPhone/iOS, and it is one of the best free ways to transcribe an audio file.

These applications are beneficial for recording reports, interviews, correspondence, notes and more. Also, through their functions, you get the transcript quickly and efficiently.

best ways to transcribe audio or video to text

There are the popular apps Speech Texter, Voice Notes, Speech Notes and Voice Notebook, among others, on Android.

If you use any of these apps, Android or iOS, you will save a lot of time and get an acceptable transcription.

5. Use another speech recognition tool

With technological development, speech-to-text software is one of the best free ways to transcribe audio files. There are several options available online or in the form of downloadable software.

One of the options is Windows dictation, which uses built-in speech recognition and efficiently converts anything spoken to text.

It is easy to use, and you have several commands to control text and typing accurately without accessing the keyboard.

best free ways to transcribe audio files

Another option is Google's speech-to-text software, integrated into Google Docs, available in the browser, and is a free tool to work fast without typing anything.

It has 100 voice commands for editing and formatting; it is fully available on the web; just access Google Docs, click on "Tools", and tap on "Voice typing", then allow the use of the microphone, and you can start talking.


If you have read about the best ways to transcribe audio to text and their main features, you probably already know which are the most accessible and feasible ways for you.

At ScriptMe, we are at your disposal and offer you a 15-minute free trial to test our service.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we will be able to deliver transcriptions very quickly, you will be able to get 100% accuracy, and we are much more affordable than professional transcription services.

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Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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