13 Best Video Interview Software in 2024

Possibly, at some point, you have been interviewed for a job. This is thanks to video interviewing software, and they are becoming more and more popular around the world.

Several of these tools are on the market; in this post, we present some of the best for 2024. We will tell you what they are and their main features.

The 13 best video interviewing tools

Interviewing software has become very popular in today's globalized world because it makes it possible to eliminate distances and conduct selection and hiring processes quickly and efficiently.

They often include features for scheduling interviews, recording and evaluating content, supporting multiple languages and providing content transcripts. Some have free versions and different payment plans for entrepreneurs and small, medium and large companies.

Below, we identify some of the best of these tools with a brief description of their main features.

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1. Jobma

Jobma - video interview software

Jobma helps leading companies find the best talent. It is a cloud-based video interviewing solution and creates an excellent experience for the applicant.

It offers the option of pre-designed questions or asking your own, customising the interview, completing the interview by mail, sharing results, integrating Jobma with any analytics tool and configuring scoring parameters.

To avoid bias, it has automated scoring, live monitoring and transcripts. It has powerful features for accessibility for people with disabilities and offers pricing according to needs.

2. Zoom

Zoom - video interview software

Zoom is a viral and feature-rich video conferencing platform; this easy-to-use tool allows you to conduct video interviews with excellent image and sound quality.

Its Zoom Meetings for desktop and mobile devices synchronize with your calendar; you can click to record content, get transcripts, prepare virtual backgrounds, share screens, control lighting and more.

It has free basic and paid plans starting at $149.90 per year.

3. Elevatus

Elevatus - Best AI video interview software

Elevatus' AI video interviewing software empowers companies to identify, hire, and develop top talent fast. It offers richer insights into the assessment process through AI technology, reliable video-based assessments, and scientifically validated psychometric reports.

Companies from all over the world rely on Elevatus' AI video interviewing software to build customizable assessments, detect ideal keywords, rank applicants, filter out correct answers, and effortlessly assess the skills that are tough to measure.

Elevatus' video interviewing software sets a new standard in user experience by providing seamless configuration, extensive customization options, and comprehensive localization capabilities.

It's tailored to simplify the recruitment process for recruiters while also ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for candidates alike.

Moreover, it provides standardizes the assessment process with customizable and configurable features, ensuring fair and equitable assessments.

Additionally, it's comprehensive, adaptable, and designed to cater to each client's specific requirements. Ultimately, it enables thorough evaluations, ensuring that candidates are assessed solely on m

4. Google Meet

Google Meet - video interview tools

Another trendy option is Google Meet, a very high quality and practical virtual meeting service developed by Google.

You can make scheduled or spontaneous meetings, share the screen, generate automatic subtitles in several languages, record and save video interviews and have effects and reactions with emojis to interact.

With a Google account, you can create a video call to invite up to 100 participants and hold meetings of up to 60 minutes free of charge. There are paid plans for more requirements starting at €5.75 per month.

5. Webex by Cisco

Webex - video interview software

Webex is a great cloud-based video interviewing software built to make and receive business calls on any device.

You can schedule meetings and interviews from any device with a single click or move from desktop to phone and use the built-in app library.

It has features: real-time translation in over 100 languages, recorded and live transcripts, closed captioning, de-noising, speech optimization and centred takes. It has customized scenario views, question-and-answer functions, and interactive polls.

It offers free primary and paid plans starting at €13.50 per month.

6. GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting - video interview software

GoTo Meeting is another powerful video interview tool that can be used directly from the browser or downloaded from its application.

During the interview, you can share the screen, draw and present ideas, use hands-free mode and customize the webcam background. Once the meeting ends, access and share the automatic transcript, record it to the cloud, and view statistics and analytics.

It has a free trial and paid monthly plans starting at $12.

7. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams - video interview software

Another popular tool is Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools.

In addition to the typical functions of recording meetings, chatting, screen sharing, adding captions, choosing a background or uploading one, custom options and a reactions button to interact, Microsoft Teams includes the nail function "speech coach" that helps converse safely.

There is a free and paid plan starting at $4 per user per month.

8. Skype

Skype - video interview software

Skype is a free software from Microsoft that allows millions of people and companies to communicate worldwide.

It is straightforward for video interviews; you only need to create a link and share it with the person. This link is convenient because it is personal and can be used anytime (it does not expire).

It has the function to record and save for later review (the recording is stored for up to 30 days), and you can activate the background blur and share presentations, materials or designs.

9. Zoho Meetings

Zoho Meeting - video interview software

With Zoho Meeting, you can conduct one-on-one or panel interviews and allow applicants to share screens or files via chat.

It has advanced features, such as whiteboard or flowcharts, for more dynamic and engaging assessments during the interview. Making surveys, multiple choice, or short answer questions is also possible.

It has a 14-day free trial, a free plan and a paid plan from €1 per host.

10. Spark Hire

Spark Hire - video interview software

Spark Hire stands out for its multiple functionalities, among others, a variety of options to ask questions, define time limits, restrict the duration of the answers and customize the logo and colours.

Interviews can be automatically recorded and shared with the managers of your choice. And as for evaluation, it includes rating, commenting and tagging functions.

It offers plans according to the number of full-time employees; the Lite plan is for 50 or fewer and is priced at $149 per month.

11. MyInterview

myInterview - video interview software

MyInterview is another of the best tools for video interviewing and talent recruitment because it identifies applicants by their skills and personality.

It is compatible with mobile devices, requires no app download, is multilingual, and has a search bar to filter applicants by words or terms.

It is ideal for large and medium-sized companies and is available on request to receive pricing information.

12. Willo

Willo - video interview software

Willo is great for large-scale processes; among other features, it has an intelligent automatic question generator, can connect with more than 5000 applications, and can automate the workflow.

It facilitates digital identity checks, criminal background checks at any interview and receiving a certificate of identity verification from the applicant.

It is priced according to the size of the organization and hiring requirements.

13. Hireflix

Hireflix - video interview software

Hireflix is a leader in video interviewing and has a modern, user-friendly website.

It has customizable response time and automatic transcripts, works in all browsers and supports more than 20 languages.

It offers plans for small, medium and large companies. The small plan is for less than 50 employees; you can try it for free for one month and then pay $75 per month.


Video interviewing software saves time and money and allows you to safely and efficiently contact people of interest, wherever they are. While they are widely used today by human capital managers, they are equally helpful for any other area, such as healthcare, business, academia and research.

We have shared our top 13 of some of the best tools; we recommend that you enter the web pages of the ones that have caught your attention and read their complete information to select the most convenient for you.

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