Best Marketing Agency tools in 2024

What does it take to make good marketing campaigns for your agency's clients?

Mainly creativity, understanding the target audience and the market, and of course a clear and fluid communication with whoever hires you.

Luckily, there are tools for marketing agencies that will make the process much more efficient and natural.

Here are the best tools for digital marketing agencies.

Top 15 free and paid tools for marketing agencies

Digital marketing agency tools are platforms or software designed to automate tasks, collect data, create content, and manage social networks and customer relationships.

By using them, you increase workflow and, therefore, efficiency and productivity, not only for digital marketing agencies, but for anyone who has a project and wants to manage it effectively.

Below, we present our selection of these tools' best and most relevant features.

1. Trello

Trello - Best marketing agency tools

Trello is one of the top tools for marketing agencies because it helps increase productivity.

Nowadays, work is done in teams and with Trello, it is very easy to organize everything: create a board and start working.

With Trello, teams can design work plans, do it collaboratively, organize flows and make an attractive visual follow-up.

It has different plans and one of them, which has very useful features, is free.

2. Slack

Slack- digital marketing agency tools

Slack also increases productivity and functions as a virtual club, facilitating communication and collaborative work.

Its power lies in bringing all team members to the same stage, facilitating brainstorming sessions, project updates and task completion.

Sending any type of files is easy and this is essential for any digital agency. It has a free plan and others for small teams, businesses, and enterprises.

3. Zoom


Zoom remains one of the most innovative tools for communication and is ideal for online meetings and videoconferences.

It stands out for its high-quality video and audio, so it is very easy to make transcriptions. It offers screen sharing to work together in real-time, team chat, an omnichannel contact centre in the cloud, intelligent recordings, a whiteboard, and more.

It offers different plans, and the basic plan is free.

4. ScriptMe


ScriptMe is an automated transcription, translation and subtitling service for videos. It stands out for its speed (almost in real-time), high accuracy and simplicity: in just 3 clicks, it converts audio, video or dictation to text.

It is useful for marketing agencies and independent content creators because it facilitates collaborative work, has a powerful editor and supports multiple file formats.

It offers the ScriptMe Lite version, an application for Windows and Mac with unlimited free transcriptions.

You can try ScriptMe for free, buy credits or subscribe to different plans.

5. Google Drive


If you are looking for a business management tool, try Google Drive. You can share documents and information and connect with other applications such as email, scheduler, and calendar.

It makes it easy for marketing agencies to present offers to clients, follow up, schedule meetings, and more.

It offers the modern online spreadsheet Google Sheets, allowing you to organize and analyze large amounts of data, automate calculations, generate reports and work with teams.

Google Drive provides 15GB free and offers other paid plans.

6. Ahrefs


Another one of the best tools for digital marketing agencies is Ahrefs, which is aimed at SEO management.

It conducts keyword research, discovers high-performing keywords, analyzes backlink profiles, website audits, and more.

While Ahrefs can help you improve rankings, its real power lies in researching your competitors' strategies so you can design truly successful campaigns.

This transformative SEO tool offers free access (with limitations) to website owners and subscription plans.

7. Google Trends


With its worldwide trend search engine, Google Trends is also one of the top tools for digital marketing agencies. Through the presentation of graphs, it is possible to discover what is popular in certain periods and in certain geographical locations.

It allows you to know trends and thus plan content creation accurately. It is also used to measure keyword searches in specific regions and thus conduct market research for products and services.

It is one of the most efficient tools for optimizing the SEO positioning of websites, and it is free of charge.

8. Zapier


In marketing agencies, there is a need for tools to automate processes and marketing; this can be achieved with Zapier.

It can be connected to favorite applications to automate routine tasks and create workflows without coding knowledge.

An interesting functionality is to add new leads from the CRM to the email marketing software for quick and easy follow-up.

It offers different plans to achieve workflow automation; if you are starting out, it has a free plan.

9. Calendly


Not only in marketing agencies, but many people also schedule appointments online every day, and Calendly is designed to facilitate this task.

With this software, clients and teams can book times that fit everyone's schedule (saving valuable time) because the calendar synchronization is real-time.

It allows individual and group bookings and integrates easily with calendars, websites, APIs and customizable webhooks, with buffering times, event schedules, notifications and more.

Among other plans, it has a free plan for those starting out with appointment scheduling.

10. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is another great digital commerce tool. It facilitates the creation of valuable relationships through marketing campaigns using email and SMS as a medium.

You can know the details of each customer visit, what they click on, what drives them to buy and more. With that information, you can segment the variety of customers, create automated mailing programs and combine metrics to appreciate the performance of marketing strategies.

It offers a free level for the first 60 days; after that, you can pay for one of its plans.

11. Canva


Canva is for graphic design and is popular with content creators and marketing agencies.

It makes it easy to create images for social media and websites. With Canva, you can enhance photos, edit them, or select from its large library of stock images.

Other features include uploading images directly to social networks, event templates, email marketing campaigns and more. Making designs for free with a basic plan is possible, and you have other plans with payment.

12. Google Analytics


With Google Analytics, you can analyze the traffic of a website. It is a very complete and free tool.

It allows you to know the website's audience, where the visits come from (traffic sources) and the behavior of web users (which pages they visit and where they enter and leave).

It also helps to determine the web traffic performance, which means knowing the conversions from entries to sales. For all these reasons, it is another great tool for digital marketing agencies.

13. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is another valuable tool and provides data based on keywords and how people arrive at a website. It is complemented by Google Analytics (which provides data on how people behave within the website).

It is used to evaluate the website's performance and detect opportunities for improvement within the content itself.

It makes it easier to analyze web traffic and keywords, know which web pages are positioned and their ranking, identify links and internal links, detect errors and security problems and eliminate URLs.

14. Hunter

Hunter-Best marketing agency tools

Hunter makes it easy to find email addresses quickly and easily.

This makes it possible to compose emails, schedule follow-ups, and obtain accurate campaign performance reports.

If you need to contact valuable people to grow projects and businesses, we recommend exploring with Hunter. It offers a free plan with search limitations and paid plans.

15. Hubspot


One of the most comprehensive marketing, sales and customer service tools is HubSpot.

It stands out for helping automation and was designed to provide software solutions to attract visitors to websites, convert them into leads, and close sales.

Its focus is on Inbound Marketing, which means attracting potential customers through the creation of valuable content. It has free tools for individuals and small teams and offers different plans for companies.


We have presented the best tools for marketing agencies. They are very useful because they facilitate collaborative work, manage work teams, optimize marketing strategies, boost commerce, and create excellent relationships with customers and users.

All these tools are very intuitive and easy to use. We recommend that you access the ones that have caught your attention and read all their information so you can select the most convenient one for your marketing agency or project.

We also recommend learning about the 15 best AI marketing tools to empower and automate your company.

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Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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