Best Subtitle editors for Windows and Mac in 2024

Do you know why it is so important to add subtitles?

Among other things, you can create more accessible content and improve SEO, thus increasing traffic to all your videos.

But the first thing is to have a tool to create quality subtitles.

You have different options, but here we will present you only the best subtitle editors for Windows and Mac this year.

Top 10 best subtitle editors for your computer

As a video creator, you want to reflect your personality through your content and increase your audience's interest.

To help you achieve this goal, the best subtitle editors have multiple options for creating good, stylish and easy subtitles.

Here is a selection of ten of the most valuable tools and their main features.

1. ScriptMe

Subtitle editor - ScriptMe

ScriptMe is a transcription, translation and automatic subtitle generation platform; with an artificial intelligence system, it has one of the most potent subtitle editors, and it will be straightforward to customize your content.

It is a simple platform that allows you to edit subtitles; even if you don't know how to edit, you can design with precision, trim, and choose colours, fonts and super innovative backgrounds.

It offers a visual and intelligent way to subtitle your videos and make them more accessible; you can transcribe and translate the contents into 30 languages.

You can use 15 free minutes on the platform to transcribe your videos and audio and generate subtitles in just a few seconds, so you can experiment and get to know everything this service offers.

It is also ideal for creating subtitles for YouTube from the video link.

2. FlexClip

best subtitle editor - FlexClip

Considered one of Mac's best free subtitle editors, FlexClip is one of the platforms with the most languages: 140.

It also has an artificial intelligence automatic subtitle generator; it creates subtitles from videos and offers different options to make them more attractive, including shadows, 3D and many more.

It has more than 1000 text animations, predesigned styles, animation effects and many dynamic vectors; of course, cutting, integrating and adding more editions to perfect the videos without affecting their quality is possible.

Additionally, you can add music watermarks, create gifs, meme and remove the background. For all these reasons and more, this is one of Mac's most popular subtitle editors.

3. Jubler

Subtitle editor for windows - Jubler

Another well-known subtitle editor is Jubler; it is a free software compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux and has many functions.

It allows you to add subtitles or improve the ones already in your videos; this is possible because it works with various formats and allows you to convert from one to another.

You can customize the style of the video titles and change the size of the subtitles; additionally, it has an integrated spell checker and a tool for counting characters.

If you are looking for a feature-rich solution that is easy to configure and allows you to convert subtitle files, Jubler is a perfect choice.

4. Aegisub

subtitle editor for mac - Aegisub

Aegisub is a free Windows and Mac compatible tool that generates subtitles quickly and has powerful features to edit subtitles in style.

One of these features makes it possible to preview subtitles in real-time so you can see how the content is progressing.

It allows you to import many different subtitle formats, such as SRT, SUB, ASS, SSA and others; then you can synchronize them with the audio and video content.

A spell checker can be integrated, and it has a translation assistant; for some not-so-experienced content creators, this tool can be complicated because of all its functionalities.

5. SubtitleEditor

Best subtitle editors SubtitleEditor

If you want a free tool for Mac to synchronize the subtitles of your videos, SubtitleEditor is ideal.

It consists of a program designed to edit subtitles and has time adjustment functions; it allows you to translate, drag, drop, sort, move, split, merge subtitles and spell check.

The tool has not been updated for a long time, but it is still equally valuable because it is straightforward.

There is no need to worry about overlapping subtitles; the system will do it for you.

6. Subtitle Workshop

best subtitle - Subtitle WorkShop

Subtitle Workshop is free for Mac, has an intuitive interface and supports multiple languages.

This software offers hundreds of functions to give style and professionalism to the subtitles of your videos.

For all these reasons, it is a perfect choice for creating, editing and converting subtitle files, and if you want customization, you can do it through its wide range of tools for synchronizing text.

It has options for automatic duration, intelligent text adjustments, spell checking, incorporating style tags, colour labels for your video subtitles and more.

It stands out for being one of the subtitle editors with more functionalities, and this significant amount of possibilities can make its use a little tricky if you have minimal experience.

7. Movavi Video Editor

subtitle editor best - Movavi

Movavi is available for Windows, and Mac offers a free version and licenses for a year or indefinite period.

One of its advantages is that if you are a beginner, it is straightforward to use, but it is also great for professionals because of all its advanced tools and functions.

With this tool, it is possible to create, add and edit subtitles, change their position on the screen, and edit colour, font and font size.

One of the most essential features of subtitle editors is the ease of synchronizing subtitles and video, which Movavi excels at.

8. Open Subtitle Editor


A simple and free solution to create subtitles is Open Subtitle Editor. It is an exciting project still in a growing stage, which means that more and more functions are being added.

It is a software that runs on Windows and allows you to edit, translate, resynchronize, add and delete subtitles.

It has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use.

9. POP Subtitle Editor


POP Subtitle Editor is not free and is available for Windows and Mac; it is an easy tool to write and add subtitles to any video file.

You can write the texts while watching the video and select start and end time using the same function key; customize the subtitles' font, size, colour and position.

This tool will be more helpful if you have the correct text script and timing for each subtitle because it is not very flexible yet.

10. Aura4you

Best subtitle editor - Aura4you

If you are interested in professional editing software for Windows, then a good choice is Aura4you; it allows you to use numerous exciting video effects.

It will be possible to add audio tracks, images and subtitles to the video and then save it to different file formats, PC and cell phone.

It supports more than 30 input video formats, and it is possible to add all popular audio and image formats to make them look beautiful.


We have introduced the main features of the best subtitle editors for Windows and Mac in 2023.

In general, they do not require knowledge and skills to use them, making it possible to generate quality subtitles for your projects quickly.

We suggest you enter their pages and read all their information to decide better the one that best suits your style and what you want.

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