10 Best Speech-to-text Apps for iPhone (iOS) in 2024

Applications for converting speech to text are a potent tool that you must have on your iPhone.

These apps can be very useful in any environment, especially for companies and professionals in various areas, because they facilitate the transcription of content easily, quickly and accurately.

They mean time savings, order and much more, so we invite you to know the 10 best speech-to-text applications for iOS operating systems.

Top 10 Voice to text Apps for iPhone

Here are our top 10 speech-to-text applications that can make documenting, organizing and searching for content much easier.

With this speech recognition software, you no longer have to type to take notes or record text to transcribe; they can do that and much more, such as translating text in a large number of languages.

We hope to be part of this list soon and that you will have all the power of ScriptMe on your iPhone.

Although we do not yet have an iPhone app for converting speech to text, we do offer automatic speech to text transcription, with the possibility to edit it online on our platform and get a more professional result that you will not achieve with the apps you will see below.

This does not mean that they are not very good at what they do. You can try us for free by registering at the link above.

Without further ado, here are the main features of the 10 best speech-to-text applications.

1. Notta

best transcription app for iphone - Notta

Notta is one of the most interesting voice-to-text applications for iPhone. It is innovative and can edit the text in real-time or after the recording has been made.

It offers transcription in 104 languages and a variety of organizational features such as saving transcripts and voice memos in folders, editing the transcript and adding pictures to them.

It synchronizes on various devices, such as your phone, tablet and computer, which saves time and energy. Additionally, it is possible to export content in srt, txt, docx, pdf and xlsx.

2. Nuance Dragon Anywhere

best voice to text app for iphone - Dragon-Nuance-Anywhere

Nuance Dragon Anywhere is an iPhone speech-to-text solution designed for business professionals for its particularly powerful organizational and editing features.

Nuance claims a 99% accuracy rate and can dictate at a typing speed equivalent to 160 words per minute.

With this application, it is possible to edit documents, create spreadsheets and browse the web using your voice.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface; however, if any difficulty arises, there are several tutorials to help you.

3. Otter

dictation app for iphone - Otter-App

Otter is one of the voice-to-text applications for iPhone ideal for business use for its multiple functions to organize information and work collaboratively.

It is a very versatile and powerful artificial intelligence software with which you can automatically capture notes from meetings, conferences and interviews.

It has export options, the ability to synchronize audio from Dropbox, and Teams plan with additional features such as user management, billing, authentication, voice printing, live captions and statistics.

You may also be interested in reading: The best automatic transcription softwares.

4. Dictation - Speech to text

best speech to text app for iphone Dictation Speech-to-text

Dictation- Speech-to-text is an iPhone dictation application that uses modern speech-to-text recognition technology.

This software allows you to dictate, record, translate and transcribe text, instead of typing it, in over 40 languages.

It is very easy to use and has iCloud synchronization; once the app is activated, you can dictate text from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch and share it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Whatsapp and others.

5. Rev Voice Recorder & Memos

best transcription app for iphone - Rev-Recorder-and-memos

Rev Voice Recorder & Memos is another best speech-to-text app for iPhone, used by users worldwide to transcribe audio.

It claims to have an accuracy rate of over 99% and fast delivery of transcription of recordings made by one of its experts in less than 12 hours.

This application has an intuitive and attractive interface, which in addition to transcribing audio, has functions for recording, trimming and much more.

6. Day One Journal: Private Diary

voice to text apps iphone - Day-One-Journal

Day One Journal is a voice-to-text application with over 15 million downloads worldwide and has beautifully reinvented the personal diary.

It can only be used as a journal and securely record audio, video, photos, and notes wherever and whenever you want.

It is very easy to use, has a beautiful design, unlimited text entries, guarantees 100% private entries (end-to-end encryption) and has options to export content as pdf files, plain text and others.

7. Transcribe - Speech to Text

best voice to text for iphone - Transcribe-Speech-to-text

Transcribe - Speech to Text for iPhone is an AI-powered automatic transcription service, very well designed to transcribe videos and notes from meetings, interviews, conferences and more.

Some consider it the best speech-to-text app for iPhone because it supports over 120 languages and dialects, has a text search function, has a very easy-to-use interface, and offers a dark mode to avoid fatigue.

Additionally, you can export texts to various editors, including messages, emails, Facebook, and notes and sync audio and text across all your devices.

It offers many formats for exporting files such as docs, srt, pdf and txt; something to take into account is that so far, the application is not available for Android.

8. Just Press Record

talk to text iphone - Just-Press-Record

Just Press Record is a voice-to-text iPhone application that is easy to use and VoiceOver compatible to make it more accessible to everyone.

It is an audio recorder software that records audio with just a tap to start and just a swipe to pause; this allows you to record discreetly.

Among other features, it transcribes and syncs across all iOS devices and also Apple Watch, instant corrections can be made to transcripts, text can be added, audio cuts can be edited and much more.

9. Transcribe - Live Voice Caption

voice to text iphone - Transcribe-Live-Caption

Transcribe - Live Voice Caption is a speech-to-text application with live voice captions.

This application increases the accessibility of communication because it provides instant captioning for any conversation.

This is an excellent resource for people with hearing difficulties or who are learning the language because they can easily converse through an iPhone.

This application works with Apple's speech recognition technology, and conversations are not stored on servers; the content remains secure on the devices.

10. Dictate2us Record & Transcribe

voice to text iphone - Dictate-2-us

Dictate2us Record & Transcribe is an app developed by the UK's leading transcription company, dictate2us and works on all Apple and Android models.

It is easy to use, visually appealing and with very useful functions for dictating medical and legal reports, correspondence, notes, letters, interviews and more.

With this app, it is possible to create, edit and complete a digital recording and transcribe accurately and efficiently.

It is the first digital dictation recorder that uploads your dictation to be typed by a virtual secretary 24 hours a day (not instant transcription) and sends the digital files over a secure connection.


The best speech-to-text applications are innovative, designed for different purposes, and have features.

Some are free downloadable software with essential functions, and others are more sophisticated solutions with automatic learning to make transcriptions more and more accurate, involving the payment of affordable fees.

We invite you to visit the website of the most attractive ones and get to know them in detail. You will indeed find the solution you are looking for, and you will be able to enjoy all its benefits.

You can also opt for ScriptMe's automatic Voice to Text transcription. It will allow you to transcribe and edit your transcriptions to perfection, something very difficult to do with the applications listed above.

Before deciding on any speech-to-text application, ensure it is accurate in transcribing content, has resources for organizing and searching information, has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, has language options for transcription and translation, has compatibility with other applications, and guarantees security and privacy for all your private information.

In the comments section, we would love to know if you have already tried any of the apps in the top 10 and how your experience was.

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