8 Best sites to download subtitles for Tv Shows and movies (2024)

Subtitles for movies and TV Shows enhance the viewing experience, which is why more and more people use them daily.

Do you know where you can download them? Here we tell you which are the best sites, you can visit them and decide on the most convenient one.

Subtitles for Tv Shows: Best websites to download them

Subtitles for TV shows or movies not only make it easier for you to understand the content of foreign programming.

They also provide clarity to dialogues, especially when sequences with loud sounds and the protagonists' voices are attenuated.

With them, it is possible to understand the names of places, characters and unfamiliar terms; content can be viewed in silence.

For all these reasons and more, subtitles are used by millions of people worldwide, and there are many sites to download them; here are our top 8.

1. OpenSubtitles

Best sites to dowload subtitles for tv shows - opensubtitles

OpenSubtitles is a massive database of subtitle files, and if you are interested in subtitles in many languages, here you have them in 100 languages.

Searching for subtitles is quite simple, you type the name of the TV show or movie, select the language and press the search button.

You will see a list of all available subtitles and program information. Some of these subtitles include user ratings.

There is also the option of advanced search by criteria, among others, search by episode number, program genre, subtitle format, file size and more.

Downloading is fast, users can upload subtitles, and registered users have access to multi-search to search for multiple programs and subtitles at once.

2. Subscene

Best sites to dowload subtitles for movies and tv shows - Subscene

Subscene is a fast download site; you will always find subtitles of the latest episodes of TV shows and movies in more than 70 languages.

They are created and uploaded by its community of users, just type the name of the program or movie in its search bar and select.

Its interface is organized and simple; most subtitles are in SRT format. It is possible to configure a search filter for certain languages (up to 3) and choose to include subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing.

It has an icon system; the green ones have excellent ratings from other users, and the grey ones are not rated, so you can quickly find the best ones.

Additionally, there is a forum you can request subtitles and chat with other users.

3. YIFY Subtitles

Best sites to dowload subtitles for movies - YTS subs

This is one of the best subtitle sites for TV shows and movies because of its very modern and elegant interface, plus there are no advertisements anywhere.

It has a huge list of subtitles in more than 70 languages, and the search is easy because of its intelligent filter system.

It offers an informative page for each subtitle file, with the promo poster, year of release, director, genre, rating, running time and more.

However, the fastest way to find subtitles is with its search bar; you will see a list of results with their rating.

This rating is because users can vote for the subtitles, and the best ones are easily detected.

4. Podnapisi

Best sites to dowload subtitles for films - podnapisi

Podnapisi means subtitles in the Slovenian language; it is another excellent place to find a considerable amount of subtitles in over 100 languages.

Its interface is neat and clean, and the search function is easy and fast; you can filter by media type, keywords, languages, seasons, episodes, etc.

On the home page, you see the latest subtitles uploaded to the site in all media types, but there are also links to view only those for TV series or movies.

When you find the subtitles, you get a page with information, among others, a preview of the first fifteen subtitles of the file, so you can quickly detect the option other users consider more useful.

On the site, you will not see advertising or pop-ups; it also has an active forum to ask for help with difficult subtitles.

5. Addic7ed

Best sites to dowload subtitles for tv programmes

It is another excellent place for subtitles of TV shows or movies because they have a lot of content and upload new files all the time in more than fifteen languages.

You can see the list of TV shows and movies with subtitles in their search bar. Downloading is very easy and fast, with just one tap.

In case you can't find what you are looking for, you can enter the forum and ask for help. You also have the alternative to browse through the tutorials and discover how to make your subtitles.

An interesting feature is that you can view the subtitles before downloading and edit them if you find any errors (you must be a member for a few days to be able to do this).

6. TVsubtitles

Best sites to dowload subtitles for tv shows and films -Tvsubtitles

TVsubtitles is another site with many subtitles for TV shows in more than 20 languages, and the home page has options to find the subtitles you want quickly.

You will be able to see the list of the latest subtitle file uploads, the most downloaded ones. They are presented with flag icons, so you can see which languages they are in without clicking olinks

Additionally, it offers a list of the most popular TV shows based on the number of downloads made by users.

Its interface is attractive and elegant, and the download is fast and easy; for all these reasons, it is another perfect place to search for the subtitles you want.

7. SubdivX

Best webs to download subtitles for tv shows - SubdivX

This site, as the name suggests, is for English subtitles for DivX movies but also TV shows.

For the search, there are links, and it is possible to search by the first letter, and each one has quite a few options for TV shows and movies to choose from.

All subtitles are in SUB format; if you are searching in SRT, it will be necessary to convert them.

8. English-subtitles

Best sites to dowload subtitles for movies and films - english subtitles

This website is an excellent option for subtitles of thousands of TV shows and movies only in English.

Its user-friendly interface in dark mode distinguishes it, making it very easy to navigate and find subtitles.

The home page reflects the most recent subtitles added to the site and has a simple search bar.

In addition, users have a mobile version, which makes it quick and easy to download subtitles for TV programs.


Possibly among the top 8 sites to download subtitles for TV shows, you will find some attractive ones, and you can try them out.

They all have a fairly large selection of subtitles in different languages and are easy to search and download.

If you don't find the subtitles you are looking for, you can consider the subscription option some of these sites offer.

Remember that you can also automatically create subtitles for your own movie with ScriptMe.

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