7 best medical transcription services in 2024

The best medical transcription services are especially useful and add value to healthcare professionals, clinics and hospitals.

Their range of services goes from the simplest, such as transcribing a voice memo, to providing tools and modern technology to simplify the process of transcribing medical content, administrative procedures, documentation and patient care.

With these services, it is possible to get organized, provide quality care and save time and money, so you can't miss this post and find out which services are in the top 7.

Top 7 best medical transcription companies

The best medical transcription companies are characterized by being agile and straightforward. They offer free trial periods to see if their services fit your practice or are the solution you are looking for.

They have expert clinical support services to understand your needs and solve unforeseen issues 7 days a week in extended shifts.

They offer highly accurate, fast, professional transcription, multiple dictation options, and EMR/EHR integration and guarantee the security and confidentiality of information.

The quality of their services has been recognized, and they have won awards, recognitions or very high ratings from various industry review organizations.

And as for the rates, they do not imply long-term contracts, and they only ask to be contacted to give a quick quote based on specific needs.

They use the standard "visual black characters" (VBC) method to determine pricing and charge per line. A VBC is any character on the page visible to the naked eye, not including spaces, commonly defined as 65 VBC.

1. InSync Healthcare Solutions

Best medical transcription services - InSynC

InSync Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2002 as a medical transcription company and is a leading medical software and services provider.

It offers electronic medical records, MU-3 certified, practice management, revenue cycle and medical transcription solutions for practices and agencies.

It has developed specialized content for mental and behavioural health professionals, OB/GYNs, obstetricians, internists, paediatricians, and physical, speech and occupational therapists.

It ensures 98% transcription accuracy, its response time is 24 hours (can be less), and it adapts to the needs of large hospitals or small medical practices.

2. EHR Transcriptions

Best medical transcription company - EHRTranscriptions

EHR Transcriptions was created in 2012 and offers easy-to-use medical dictation services for healthcare professionals who do not find complicated technology appealing.

It works exceptionally well for extensive reports, such as medical evaluations for surgery centres and hospitals and all other services required by different specialities.

You can dictate as you wish via a free phone bill, voice recorder, iPhone or computer microphone. Once the files are received, they are automatically transferred and entered into Tru-Trac Transcription Trail, and their team performs the transcription.

They guarantee reports within 24 hours; you can view, edit, e-sign, download or print from the system. It is one of the best medical transcription companies with fast, reliable and hassle-free service.

3. AQuity Solutions

Best medical transcription solutions - Aquity-Solutions

AQuity Solutions was established in 2019 as a clinical documentation service and is one of the industry's most experienced medical transcription companies.

It offers Clinical Documentation services through medical transcription and virtual medical writing, medical coding solutions and audits, interim HIM management services, document preparation, non-medical care transcription and medical office management.

It is one of the world's largest medical transcription services providers. If high-volume transcription is required and with fast turnaround times, this is the best high-volume medical transcription company.

4. SmartMD

Best medical dictation services - Smart MD

SmartMD has been providing services since 1999 and offers beneficial solutions, such as the virtual VIP Admission Portal, to simplify the process and facilitate documentation optimization through Artificial Intelligence and billing services.

It has an application for customer relationship management and reference management. For all these functionalities, it is one of the most modern medical transcription companies.

It offers a very attractive trial account that includes: 250 transcribed lines, a free iPhone app, a toll-free hotline, upload information from your digital recorder, fax to referring physicians and access to the platform for 30 days.

5. DataMatrix Medical

Best medical transcription services - Data-Matrix

DataMatrix Medical offers medical transcription, VRS correction, document management, authorization and referral management, coding and patient billing services.

With this wide range of services, it is possible to get rid of a lot of administrative work and focus on what is most important: patient care.

It works with all medical specialities, and its process adapts to different needs. It is compatible with all EMR/EHR solutions and accepts handwritten reports, making it a very interesting medical transcription service because of its flexibility and adaptability.

6. GoTranscript

Best medical transcription services - Go Transcript

GoTranscript is very popular; it is made up of a team of highly qualified medical transcriptionists that allows them to be accurate and fast.

They offer to receive the recordings and start transcribing them to meet their turnaround time, estimated between 6 and 12 hours.

The most frequently transcribed documents are letters to patients and other medical professionals, medical histories and physical evaluation reports, patient visit summaries, radiology, laboratory, pathology, surgical, operative, consultation and discharge summaries and reports.

7. Totalmed Transcription

Best medical transcription services-TotalMed

Totalmed was established in India in 1999 and is one of the largest medical transcription companies.

It serves nursing homes, independent physicians, large medical groups, hospitals, and research centres.

It works with transcriptionists in more than 18 medical specialities, to whom they provide fast and accurate services, their fee is 6 cents per line, and they offer an accuracy of more than 99%.


The best medical transcription services go far beyond transcribing the full range of possible content and offer valuable tools for successful management.

When choosing a service, it is important to look for accuracy of transcription, fast delivery, and to ensure confidentiality and security of information.

Additionally, their systems must be compatible with yours, adapt to your practice and guarantee support service.

ScriptMe is another option; it is an automatic transcription service that can be customized to work with your systems and has specific dictionaries to adapt the Artificial Intelligence software to your needs.

It is an excellent tool for medical and health professionals, medical students, scientists, researchers and transcriptionists, contact us, and we will tell you more!

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