Best 4 Medical Transcription Courses in 2024

Do you like the medical field? If so, taking one of the medical transcription courses will allow you to become a specialist and advance as a professional transcriptionist.

Studying is always a good option and opens up opportunities to get a job with more pay and benefits, even if you have no experience.

Read this post and learn the best medical transcription courses, their contents and the institutions that teach them.

If you want to become a medical transcriptionist, you can take advantage of what's left of 2024 and boost your career.

Online Medical Transcription Courses: The Top 4

With the medical transcription courses, you learn content in transcription and medicine, including basic medical terminology concepts, physiology and anatomy.

Indeed, taking these courses will put you in an excellent position to apply for a job at one of the top medical transcription services.

Therefore, an essential requirement to take advantage of any of these courses and become an excellent medical transcriptionist is that you are interested in the world of medicine.

Although you will not be in contact with patients, you will be in touch with their medical histories, treatments, results and diagnoses; ideally, this content will attract your attention so that you will transcribe more fluently.

Suppose you like the area with medical transcription courses. In that case, you will learn everything you need to make perfect transcriptions, and you will be able to have a more competitive medical transcriptionist salary.

Here are the best medical transcription courses, the institutions that offer them and their main characteristics.

1. Medical Transcription Editing by CareerStep

Medical transcription courses

CareerStep's Medical Transcription Training Program is a flexible online course of study that can be completed in 12 months.

For this, it offers its students the educational accompaniment of instructors and advanced students, who can be called upon if help is needed to achieve the training objectives.

It is a complete program consisting of 20 modules, so extensive that it covers the areas of knowledge and skills development necessary to obtain certification; in fact, an exam voucher for RHDS certification is included in the program.

CareerStep offers excellent training and has different payment plan options; this is undoubtedly one of the best online medical transcription courses, the price to have full access to the program is $3,799.

2. Medical Transcriptionist Training by Penn Foster

Best medical transcription courses

This Penn Foster Medical Transcriptionist training program is also self-paced and entirely online.

With this program, you learn to transcribe and interpret diagnostic tests, medical reports, referrals and more documents; translate abbreviations and medical jargon; use transcription software and enter electronic health records into databases.

It comprises 10 courses, has expert teachers and tools to facilitate the learning process, and can be completed quickly in 8 months, but the average time is 12 months.

It also prepares students to take the Health Care Documentation Specialist (RHDS) exam, which costs $749.

3. Medical Transcription Career by University of Central Florida

Medical transcription training

The University of Central Florida's Medical Transcription course is another of the best online medical transcription courses. It is taught by Jennifer Della'Zanna, who has over 20 years in the healthcare industry and is a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders and the Association for Medical Documentation Integrity.

This course teaches participants how to transcribe the most commonly used medical reports in inpatient and outpatient settings. There are 9 types of words, and their requirements, components, and how they are used in the clinical setting are reviewed, and grammar is reviewed in each lesson.

You will also gain clinical knowledge of the significant disease processes to develop your medical documentation skills. In this course, you can download a free transcriptionist to listen to dictations and make reports; these exercises will allow you to give you if this field is a good fit for you.

Although there are no prerequisites to take the course, they recommend knowledge of medical terminology and typing.

4. Medical Transcription Training & Certification Prep by Ashworth College

Medical Transcription Careers

Ashworth College's Medical Transcription Training program is another of the best online medical transcription certification courses.

It is possible to complete the program in as little as 4 months and prepare you for certification; among other content, you will learn the basic skills of medical transcriptionists and the medical terminology and style standards for records of various specialities.

Additionally, you will learn about industry trends and the importance of medical transcription.

It offers different payment options, and you can choose the most convenient option; if you pay full tuition (no monthly payments), the cost is $749.


We have presented you with the best online medical transcription courses; with any of them, you can get solid professional training and achieve certification.

To take these courses, you need a desktop or laptop computer in good condition, updated software, a stable internet connection and a personal email address.

As with any important goal, any of these courses involves time and effort, but upon completion, you will feel satisfied and advance more quickly in your career as a professional transcriptionist.

If you feel this type of specialization is for you, go to the course pages and read all the information carefully and thoroughly to select the most convenient one; we wish you a lot of success.

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