Best free transcribing apps to convert audio to text in mobile (2024)

The mobile era has arrived, and with free applications for transcribing and converting audio to text, you will have accurate records of meetings, interviews and any content that interests you.

Thanks to the development of technology and the incorporation of artificial intelligence, there are excellent options on the market, but here are the best of 2023 so you can install them on your mobile.

Best Free Apps to convert audio to text on mobile

With the best applications to convert audio to text, it is effortless and fast to have a very accurate transcription of content, and, in addition, they offer other exciting functions.

They are powered by artificial intelligence for voice recognition. They are handy tools for journalists, academics and students, but also for those who need to take notes of meetings, conversations and more on a daily basis.

While they can convert audio files, they can also be used live, and you will get good results; some applications are free, and in addition to installing them on your mobile, it is also possible on a tablet or computer. If interested, you can read about the best ways to transcribe audio.

Here is a selection of the best ones on the market with their most relevant features.

1. Microsoft Dictate

Best free apps to transcribe on mobile - Microsoft dictate

Microsoft Dictate is one of the best free apps for converting audio to text. It has been successfully integrated into the Office 365 and Windows 10 suite, and users can use text dictation with Office programs.

Dictate enables voice-to-text and content creation with Windows Outlook, Word and PowerPoint programs by converting dictation to text with a microphone and an Internet connection.

It uses the most advanced speech recognition technology. To access it, Microsoft users click on the "dictation" tab in the toolbar; it is pre-installed in all Microsoft 365 applications.

What else does Microsoft Dictate offer?

  • High accuracy in speech-to-text conversion
  • Supports 29 spoken languages
  • Real-time translation into more than 60 languages
  • New commands with greater control while dictation is being performed
  • Two scoring modes, automatic and manual
  • Visual feedback to indicate that the conversion has been processed

2. Speechnotes

best free transcribing apps- Speechnotes

Another free app for transcribing audio to text on mobile is Speechnotes; it works with Chrome's Notepad, which allows you to switch from dictation to typing using the keyboard.

This way, you can dictate or type when it is more appropriate to use either alternative; you can also dictate and edit the text immediately and continue with the dictation.

What else does Speechnotes offer you?

  • Voice command punctuation function
  • There is no need to stop dictating; the app will transcribe everything for you, and you will save a lot of time
  • Count the number of dictated words
  • Texts can be uploaded to Google Drive as they are being stored
  • It can be used both on your cell phone and tablet
  • The application is fully available online for everyone
  • Free application for use with all operating systems

3. Dragon Anywhere

free apps to transcribe audio to text in mobile - dragon anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a professional text software for your cell phone based on voice recognition.

You can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store; you just need to dictate, and the app will type. The system is designed to automatically adapt to how you speak and will offer more and more accuracy.

What else does Dragon have to offer?

  • Dictation is possible in both English and Spanish with a high margin of accuracy.
  • Supports 7 languages
  • You can review the audio converted into text, or the program can read it aloud.
  • It is possible to modify the vocabulary in Dragon to add specific phrases and increase accuracy.
  • The system gives you the ability to make in-app purchases for advanced features.

4. Otter

apps to convert audio to text in mobile - otter

Otter is another mobile transcription application designed to convert audio to text and transcribe virtual meetings in real-time.

It was designed to help educational institutions and corporate companies generate notes for meetings, interviews and lectures through voice dictation or file transcription.

It is widely used in university environments and by media teams and is beneficial for transcribing interviews or group discussions.

While a free version is available, you need to upgrade to the paid version to benefit from all its professional features.

What else does Otter have to offer?

  • Highly accurate native English transcription
  • Identifies different voices in a recording, assigns names and adds timestamps
  • Provides summaries and highlights parts of text content of interest to you
  • Multiple collaborative text features
  • The free version offers up to 600 minutes of audio recordings per month

5. Notta

apps to convert audio to text in mobile - notta

One of the most popular applications for converting audio to text is Notta; its motto is "You speak, we write." It was aimed at the Japanese public.

You can download the app from Google Store or Apple Store to the mobile, but it is unnecessary because it can also work in "online" mode.

This is the best automated online YouTube video converter; it automatically transforms audio into text and can be edited, searched and shared.

It has a free plan of up to 120 minutes of transcription per month, possibly enough to test the software, but it may not be feasible to use it for free if you need to convert audio to text frequently.

What else does Notta have to offer?

  • Supports 104 languages
  • Allows editing the same transcript on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices
  • Includes speaker identification and live recording capabilities
  • Converts recordings to text in real-time, also transcribes audio files
  • Ability to add custom vocabulary


All the ones we have presented are excellent applications to convert audio to text on your mobile; we invite you to read all their information to select the one you prefer.

The essence of these applications is in the automatic conversion of voice to text. The transcriptions will be pretty accurate, but ensuring the audio recording quality is necessary.

They are a perfect tool for all people who require written records of audio content in their activities because of all the savings in effort and time they represent.

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