8 Best fonts for subtitles in videos in 2024

Do you always use the same typeface when creating your subtitles?

You have more options, and that's why here we present you with the best fonts for subtitles.

All of them have inspiration and will give a lot of style to your content, read and find out which ones are in our top 8.

The best fonts for subtitling your videos

The best fonts for subtitling are perfectly legible on small and large screens because of their clear and simple shapes.

Here are our top 8; we present their details so you can get to know them and select the most compatible with the contents of your videos.

And in case you are interested in the world of anime, here you can find out which are the best anime subtitle fonts.

1. Helvética

Helvetica Subtitle font

Considered the best typeface for subtitles, it was created in 1957 by designers Mac Meidinger and Eduard Hoffman in Switzerland.

It is elegant and does not stand out too much, which is why its success over the years. It is easy to read without attracting attention, so it was selected for the New York Subway signage.

best subtitles fonts helvetica

It is very popular with advertising and broadcasting companies; it is truly famous; in fact, it has a documentary.

It has a range of different typeface options; Condensed Black, Condensed Bold, Ultralight, Thin, Thin Italic and others.

Based on concrete and clean lines, it will give your video or any project an attractive and modern touch.

2. Arial

Arial Subtitle font

Indeed you recognize it; it was designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders and was launched in 1982.

It is one of the best typefaces for subtitles, and its use is widespread worldwide; it is considered ubiquitous (because you find it everywhere).

It is versatile and simple; it emerged as an alternative to Helvetica and is one of the four main fonts in Windows 3.1.

best subtitles fonts arial

If you are looking for a clear font, safe to use because your audience already knows it and won't distract attention from the content, then choose Arial.

3. Open Sans

Open Sans Subtitle font

It was designed for Google by Steven Matteson in 2011 and is one of the most used typefaces in design and illustration.

It is ideal for web design because it is easily readable on screens and with small sizes; it has been in fashion for a long time because of its incredible versatility.

best fonts for subtitles Open Sans

Its appearance is friendly and natural; it is a true classic of typefaces, and if in doubt, you will not fail to use it because of its high legibility. You may also be interested in knowing all the file formats for subtitles.

4. Roboto

Roboto Subtitle font

Designed in 2011 by Christian Robertson for Google, it is the default font for millions of YouTube users worldwide.

Its forms are clear and simple, inspired by the typefaces used by technology and science, with various weights and styles.

Best font for subtitling Roboto

It is ideal if you have long sentences in subtitles because it is seen everywhere, making the content more accessible for your audience to read.

5. Futura

Subtitle font Futura

It was designed by Paul Renner in 1927, and we love it, among other things, because it was used for the plaque left on the moon by the Apollo 11 mission (in 1969).

It was created to convey modernity, progress and universality. The standard version is great for subtitles, but if you have long sentences, the condensed version will fit the small screens of mobile devices.

the Best subtitles fonts Futura

It is still one of the most widely used fonts today, as it is highly legible and clear.

It is one of the best options if you want to give your videos an attractive and original look.

6. Verdana

Subtitle tipography Verdana

Designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation, it was released in 1996. The inspiration for the name comes from "verdant", which means lush grass.

This typeface is wide and simple and offers you something different because it is a condensed style; this makes it super legible in small sizes and that's why it is widely used on the web.

Best subtitle font Verdana

If you are targeting videos to mobile or tablet audiences, this is possibly the best font for subtitles; it will work equally well for larger screens.

7. Courier New

Subtitle typography Courier New

Courier was designed by Howard Kettler in 1955; mid-20th century typewriter letterforms inspire it.

Courier New is a larger-spaced version designed to give it a more stylized appearance. It is a monospaced font, meaning all the letters occupy the same space and width.

Best fonts for subtitles Courier New

It is one of the typefaces with more history, widely used in the world of cinema to develop scripts and a classic that has been renewed over time.

Its excellent legibility and attractiveness distinguish it; for these characteristics, it is a perfect choice for subtitles.

8. Calibri

Subtitle font Calibri

Designed by Lucas de Groot in 2005, it is the most widely used typeface for e-mail, instant messaging, presentations and web content.

It is elegant, with careful strokes, smooth shapes and rounded corners, conveys a friendly essence and is therefore widely used.

It is very successful in the technology sector and is part of the new Western typefaces (the others are Consolas, Calandra, Cambria, Constantia and Corbel).

best subtitles typography calibri

The legibility and clarity of Calibri are so high that it is used by default in the Microsoft Office Word word processor.

Calibri is an excellent choice if you want something different for your video subtitles but with a lot of clarity and legibility.


We have presented you the top 8 best fonts for subtitles. Youtubers widely use Roboto and Arial, the most used for subtitles in various video content.

As you have seen, they have different inspirations and characteristics; it's great because you have other options to give dynamism and make your video subtitles more attractive and original.

With ScriptMe's editor, you can make many tests with the fonts and select the one that reflects the style and personality of your content.

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