Best Chrome extension for transcripts in 2024

With Chrome extensions, transcriptions can be made with the browser alone, without separate software.

This makes them particularly useful, but choosing the most convenient one will depend on the video platform and the type of transcription.

So that you can try this way of converting audio to text, we present the best Google Chrome extensions for transcriptions in 2024.

Top 7 Chrome video to text and speech-to-text extensions

We offer you our selection of the best Chrome extensions for transcribing; they are free and used by many companies and people worldwide.

Soon in ScriptMe, we will have a Chrome extension available to extend the service offering to all users.

While this goal is being achieved in the short term, we tell you today what are the best Chrome extensions for transcribing available today.

1. Google Meet Transcripts, by Scribbl

Google transcript extension - Scribbl

Google Meet Transcripts, by Scribbl, is a free Chrome extension to automatically record, transcribe and save Google Meet meetings to Google Docs or Notion at the end of the meeting.

To use it, you just need to download the Chrome extension and sign in to Google to start receiving transcripts automatically.

It supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Transcript content is separated by speaker, includes timestamps and facilitates keyword search.

Scribbl is used by Netflix, Spotify, Wayfair and many other companies and facilitates the transcription work of thousands of researchers, sales professionals, entrepreneurial consultants, and students.

Pros and Cons

Transcripts are securely stored in Google.
Stores meeting text chats.
Very easy to share transcripts.
The use of punctuation marks and marks is not as reliable.
The style may need to be revised (sometimes, they can look a bit messy).

2. YT Scribe

transcript chrome extension - YT Scribe

YT Scribe is a Google extension for the automatic transcription of YouTube videos and is very easy to use.

Once installed, you will see a new "View transcript" button at the bottom of any video you click on. Clicking it opens a new browser window in which the text appears.

This is one of the best Chrome extensions for transcripts because it offers different options for transcript types, word count, readability score and more.

Pros and Cons

Very easy to use.
Different options for the selected transcription type.
Readability scoring allows you to improve the content and edit the transcript.
So far, only transcripts are in the English language.
It is only possible to download a .txt file.

3. Fireflies

transcript extension - Fireflies

Fireflies is an efficient AI meeting assistant that automatically records, transcribes and summarizes Google Meets meetings from the Chrome browser.

This extension is designed for the professional market because it can transcribe old screen recordings and is compatible with Soapbox, Loom and Bubbles.

Its features make it particularly useful because it works with video and audio calls, including transcribing podcasts and online meetings without video.

Transcripts include timestamps and speakers, and it is possible to download the text files from the Fireflies website.

Pros and Cons

It generates transcripts, and it is possible to perform time analysis of speakers, sentiments and more.
Download transcripts in pdf, CSV, docx and others.
Text documents with punctuation marks.
Transcript files do not open in a web browser window.

4. Cake.ai

transcript google extension - Cakeai

The free Cake AI video to text transcription extension allows you to get transcripts, captions and subtitles for YouTube videos and download them as CSV, .srt or text files.

You won't have to watch the whole video. With this extension, it will be possible to get only the text transcript of the video.

To use this extension, you install it from the Chrome Web Store, open a YouTube video, and you will see the download transcript icon (near the video publication date), and then the transcript will be downloaded.

Once the transcript is downloaded, you are required to add timestamps and speakers; this involves repeatedly re-watching the video; csv offers an alternative to timestamped transcripts.

Pros and Cons

Very easy to use.
It offers 3 download options.
For the moment, only in English.
There is no timestamped transcription option.
Requires editing to improve accuracy and punctuation.

5. Otter.ai

transcript google chrome extension - otter.ai

The Otter.ai Chrome extension is compatible with Google Meets, Zoom and Google Calendar, leveraging its artificial intelligence to write meeting notes in real-time and share them.

This way, everyone can collaborate by adding highlights and observations during the course of meetings.

When connected to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, Otter can automatically join virtual meetings with OtterPilot to record and transcribe the meeting.

The transcript is saved in the Otter.ai account, so it is not as easy to use as Scribbl (it creates the transcript directly in Google Docs).

Pros and Cons

Very easy to set up through Google Meets
Works for multiple meeting platforms
Integrates with Google Calendar and automatically creates appointments based on transcripts.
For the moment, only in English.

6. LipSurf

google chrome transcript extension - lipsurf

LipSurf is a high-performance audio-to-text Chrome extension that displays live transcription as you speak.

It is an assistive technology with which it is possible to perform voice control integrations with Gmail, Youtube, Duolingo and Reddit.

It has general voice commands that allow typing and editing text (Premium), annotating links to click on them with your voice, opening multiple links, writing emails and dictionary access.

It is also possible to control videos (play, stop, mute), add custom corrections, shortcuts or synonyms by clicking on the transcript.

Pros and Cons

Supports 10 languages
It can be used on different platforms and applications.
Excellent assistive technology (allows you to use your voice to dictate, click and navigate).

7. Transkriptor

speech to text chrome extension - transkriptor

Google Chrome Transkriptor transcription extension is designed to transcribe audio and video recordings.

It takes automatic notes from remote meetings, online classes and conferences, transcribes video calls to Google Docs, summarizes voice files and conducts Scrum meetings.

It is a transcription service that lets you get secure transcripts and stores them in your browser or Google Drive.

Pros and Cons

Supports 36 languages.
Se puede utilizar en múltiples dispositivos.
Fácil de usar y muy versátil
Tamaño 363 KiB (si tienes muchas aplicaciones y programas puede ralentizar la computadora).


The best Chrome extensions for transcriptions are beneficial; most transcribe in real-time, making them particularly fast.

This feature makes transcriptions a bit less accurate compared to transcription services for pre-recorded video or audio; if you publish the text, it is necessary to review the content and style to increase its quality.

However, converting video to text in your browser is more convenient than using separate software; they are great tools for transcribing the content of an online meeting or creating text files from YouTube videos.

Emil Nikkhah
Hi, I'm Emil Nikkhah.
For over 25 years, I have successfully built several television post-production companies.
Frustrated by the high cost and slowness of manual transcription and subtitling in this industry, we decided to create ScriptMe, a powerful software for automatic transcription and subtitling.
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