10 Best At Home Transcription Jobs in 2024

Do you want to generate extra income without working overtime in the office? Transcription jobs from home give you that opportunity.

But that's just one of the benefits because you can also develop your skills further and learn about interesting subjects.

There are many online transcription jobs you can apply for; here is our selection of the best ones.

Top 10 Transcription jobs at home

The best home-based transcription jobs offer opportunities for general and specialist transcriptionists, with or without previous experience and based in different countries worldwide.

They are flexible and offer part-time transcription jobs at home that allow you to balance family life and studies, but you can also work full-time if you want to.

In general, the entry requirements are: you must be at least 18 years old, have a computer or laptop with a stable internet connection, a PayPal account, register on their website, and you may be asked to submit specific tests.

Here are the companies with the best jobs and their main characteristics.

1. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe- transcription jobs at home

This is a space open to take into account the ideas of the transcriptionists and with the possibility of promotions for learning and experience achieved within the organisation.

TranscribeMe does not require a minimum number of words per minute (wpm) and values accuracy. Nor do they require previous work experience, educational level or curriculum vitae.

They require you to pass an entrance exam in English and provide a style guide and instructions on how to do so. They recommend taking the exam in one sitting in an estimated time of 3 hours.

It is one of the companies with the highest rates: $15 to $22 per hour of audio and $60 to $70 if you are part of a special transcription team.

2. Casting Words

CastingWords-transcription jobs at home

CastingWords has transcription work for freelancers or independent contractors. Most of the content to be transcribed is in English, but French and Spanish are also available.

To log in, the first step is to create an account in which basic information is requested, and a brief biography is completed. Subsequently, the system can direct the applicant to an exam or directly to a control panel, the latter meaning that no exam is required.

Pay rates are between 8.5 cents and just over $1 per minute of audio, depending on the type of transcript, level achieved and grade obtained, meaning that the better you do, the more you get paid.

3. Rev

Rev-transcription jobs at home

Another of the best work from home transcription jobs is Rev; in the world, there are more than 60,000 Revvers who transcribe and subtitle audio and videos for large companies such as Google, NBC, Amazon and CBS.

To join, you must take an English grammar test and submit a transcript to prove your mastery of their style rules.

Once admitted, you can choose the audio content you are most interested in transcribing from recorded interviews, focus groups, conferences and podcasts and write as much as you want from wherever you want.

Pay rates are between $0.30 to $1.10 per minute of audio or video, and pay weekly through Paypal.

4. Scribie

Scribie-transcription jobs at home

One of the most positive things about Scribie is to provide your collaborators with automated transcriptions so that you can save effort and time when transcribing.

One of the great things about Scribie is that they provide automated transcriptions for their contributors, so you can save effort and time when transcribing.

Their pay is between $5 and $20 per audio hour, and the transcription files are short.

If you are not a fast typist, you can still join, but as long as you develop practice and deliver the transcription within 2 hours.

To enter, it is required to transcribe a test file of a client; up to 10 attempts are allowed. If this is not successful, it is possible to reapply after six months.

5. 3Play Media

3-Play-Media-at home transcription jobs

If you are fluent in English or Spanish, you have the opportunity to join 3Play Media and have one of the best work from home transcription jobs.

Excellent written communication skills and proficiency in grammar and punctuation are required to apply.

To apply, you complete a computer application, they recommend doing it all at once, and the estimated time is 15 minutes. Another requirement is a background check, and once the information is reviewed, you will receive an email response.

Once admitted, you choose educational, corporate or entertainment content to transcribe; you pay a fee per project and per minute worked.

6. Go Transcript

GoTranscript-at home transcription jobs

One place to transcribe content in several languages is Go Transcript. You start the selection process by registering on their website, studying their transcription guidelines and taking the test.

They accept a minimum transcription accuracy of 95%; in case you don't achieve it you can retake the test.

Their pay rate is up to $0.60 per minute of audio or video. You will be able to write very varied and exciting content, and something very positive is that they hire transcriptionists from all over the world; not all other companies do it due to legal dispositions.

7. eScribers

eScribers-part time transcription jobs at home

The most significant legal transcription company in the United States is eScribers. While having certifications and transcription experience in other industries can be helpful, they claim that all applicants will have an equal opportunity.

However, to work in this space, you should ideally have an interest in the legal field and an excellent command of English grammar.

The fee schedule is not published on their website. There is information about their incentive program, with which it is possible to earn more for the number of pages written in a given time (these bonuses represent between 10% and 15% of the earnings).

8. Crowdsurf

Crowdsurf-part time transcription jobs at home

Crowdsurf pays instantly, most transcription jobs are easy, and the entry process is without a resume and interview requirements.

To apply, you must log on to their website, join as a new transcriptionist, review the guidelines and complete a short evaluation.

The rate of pay for transcription is based on the level of competence and amount of work performed, ranging from $0.03 to $0.20 per minute, with additional bonuses.

9. Quicktate

Quicktate- transcription jobs at home

Another of the best in-house transcription jobs is Quicktate, and if you sign up, you can get a free mini-course on general transcription that is very useful if you are a beginner transcriptionist.

It hires transcriptionists all over the world, transcribing content in English, French and Spanish. It is a requirement to pass a test and a questionnaire, plus they ask for three references.

This is one of the easiest companies to join if you do not have experience in transcription. And the content to be transcribed are voice memos, letters, conference calls, phone calls, speeches and other audio files.

Some content is transcribed in 2 to 3 minutes; some is several hours. Pays ¼ cent per word for general and legal transcription and ½ cent for medical transcription.

10. SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite-best at home transcription jobs

SpeakWrite offers home-based transcription jobs for transcriptionists with legal and general experience, requiring a minimum dedication of 4 hours per week.

To join, you must register on their website and pass the typing speed and accuracy test. This speed must be at or above 60 words per minute and reach 90% accuracy.

They only accept applications from experienced typists residing in the USA or Canada. They pay half a cent per word and offer a 10% transcription shift bonus.


We suggest you go to the websites of the best transcription jobs that have caught your attention and read their complete information.

Consider practising accurate typing and brushing up on grammar skills before taking the selection tests to get good results.

If you meet the requirements, apply to as many transcription jobs from home as possible so you will have a better chance of being chosen and have more productivity this year.

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