Best AI Writing tools in 2024 (No affiliates)

AI writing tools are great because they help you quickly create engaging content, even if you are uninspired or know little about the topic.

And, very importantly, the content will be well-written!

Keep reading this post and learn about their other benefits and what are the best AI tools for content writing in 2023.

What is an AI writing tool?

Artificial intelligence tools, such as ScriptMe, have reached all digital domains, from image creators, logos, and videos to AI tools for content.

AI writing tools consist of programs, applications, or software systems that use machine learning and neural network algorithms to simulate some cognitive functions of humans.

They use natural language processing (NLP) technology and automatically generate written content; they are currently gaining popularity worldwide.

Depending on the intended use, there are a variety of models, especially those created for content writing, essay generation, blog writing and storytelling.

Benefits of using AI writing tools

These tools allow you to be very efficient in time and save costs because by using them, copywriters can generate text up to 10 times faster. This translates into increased productivity since that time can be invested in optimizing content and other more critical activities.

Additionally, the content generated is always very harmonious in style and tone, regardless of how much content is written or how many copywriters work on it. This uniformity helps brand identity and positioning.

They are also powerful resources because of their multilingual capabilities; content can be generated in several languages and thus reach a more global audience, and the texts will comply with grammatical and linguistic requirements.

Finally, another of its benefits is that you can customize content for each user and improve their experience. And if you want to offer even more attractive content for your audiences, check out the best AI image generators.

Top 10 AI Content Writing Tools

Considering all their benefits, you will surely want to know more about AI writing tools. Here are the best ones and their main features.

1. Jasper

Jasper-best ai writing tools

Our top tool is Jasper because it is the best business AI copywriting generator. It has a wealth of resources and features for marketing teams to automate many creative processes and develop compelling, quality content.

Key features:

  • Can train on your brand and deliver more personalized content to you
    Access any platform
    Generate text from templates as well as images
    It has more than 50 templates and supports more than 30 languages.
    One of the most efficient tools for creating a wide variety of content

Jasper has different pricing: Business plan with custom pricing, Teams plan for $99 per month, and Creator plan for $39 per month.

2 Copy.ai

Copy.ai-best ai writing tools

Copy.ai is another of the best AI tools through which you can boost creativity and speed up the process of writing ads, blogs, posts, emails and product descriptions, among others.

Main features:

  • Features over 90 preset templates and eight storytelling styles
  • Generates text in different writing tones: friendly, bold, professional and others
  • The text editor can save the generated text and use it at a later date

As for its pricing, you can try the tool with 200 bonus credits and 2,000 words in the chat; plus there are Pro plans for $36 per month, Team for $186, Growth for $1,000 and Scale for $3,000.

3. Rytr

Rytr-best ai writing tools

If you are a content writer, SEO or copywriter, we invite you to get to know Rytr because it is one of the fastest, easiest to use and affordable AI writing tools on the market.

It is an innovative tool that uses scientific writing methods, such as PAS or AIDA, to ensure higher-quality results, requiring minimal or no editing.

Main features:

  • 40+ uses (ads, emails, descriptions, biographies, interviews, stories and more)
  • Type 10 times faster
  • 30+ languages, 20+ tones and writing styles

In terms of pricing, you can generate up to 10,000 characters per month with the free plan and upgrade to the premium plan for unlimited use from $9 per month. Additionally, it offers an unlimited plan for $29 per month.

4. Writesonic

Writesoonic-best ai writing tools

A well-known tool with pleasing aesthetics, pleasant to use and especially useful for content creation and SEO (although, like all of them, you can use it for whatever you want) is Writesonic.

Main features:

  • It has a paraphrasing tool that automatically rewrites texts.
  • You can customize chatbots with logos, colors and messages for your branding.
  • Image enhancement with Chatsonic
  • More than 25 languages and an automatic translation option

It has a free trial plan of 10,000 words per month, additionally Small Team $13, Freelancer $16 and Enterprise plan.

5. Peppertype

Peppertype-ai writing tools

Peppertype is aimed at modern marketing teams and enables them to ideate, create, distribute and drive the entire lifecycle of their content and brand positioning.

Key features:

  • Modern, fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Allows for much quicker typing with its typing wizard
  • Excellent technical support
  • One of the tools that generates the highest quality content

This tool has one of the best free paid plans and offers a monthly plan for $35 with 50,000 words, active customer support, access to templates and more than 40 types of content.

The annual plan costs $199.00 with unlimited words and allows exporting results with personalized customer service and content.

6. Simplified

Simplified-ai tools for writing

One of the leading AI writing tools on the market is Simplified because it has thousands of templates for social media posts, videos, ads and banners.

It helps create high-quality content for blogs and product descriptions and has other formats for graphic design, social media scheduling and video editing.

Key features:

  • High-speed content creation
  • More than 30 languages and ten tones
  • Can connect to social media platforms and schedule 10,000 publications

It offers several plans, including a free AI writer plan for 2,000 words and a professional AI writer for $12 per month and 35,000 words.

7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT-top ai writing tools

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is based on the Artificial Intelligence language GPT-3.5. You can start by asking the system any question, and the chatbot will generate the answer text, it is ideal if you need to brainstorm.

Main features:

  • Generates complete and accurate answers to any question
  • Useful for content writing (create articles, blogs, other types of texts and translation)
  • Writes content adapted to social networks

It has a free version, which is ChatGPT-3.5; the ChatGPT-Plus version is priced at $20 per month.

8. Frase

Frase-ai tools for content writing

Frase is an AI writing tool for content optimization and also works as a chatbot tool. It has an intelligent outline generator optimized for keywords, targeting and FAQs.

Key features:

  • Explanation of the results generated by a particular query
  • Integration of SEO functions to increase search engine rankings
  • Rephrasing up to 400 words at a time to rewrite entire paragraphs
  • Automatic creation of content summaries
  • Sharing and exporting as much as you like

You can take a 5-day free trial for only $1, plus there are Solo plans for $14.99 per month, Basic $44.99 per month and Team $114.99 per month.

9. Writerly

Writerly-best ai content writing tools

Among the best AI tools for content writing is Writerly; it's powerful for everyone from individual content creators to large enterprise marketing teams.

Key features:

  • Can be integrated with Gmail mail manager to save time
  • Includes dozens of customizable templates for content and advertisements
  • Has a Chome extension to grab article ideas while you browse
  • Creates content briefs for teams of writers

Writerly offers different plans: NimBus AI Business Cloud, $69.00 per month; Stratos AI Business Cloud, $129.00 per month; Cirrus AI Business Cloud, $219.00 per month; and Enterprise AI Cloud, which varies according to needs.

10. Anyword

Anyword-best ai writing tools

Anyword is aimed at marketers, with its data-driven editor and website-targeted messages, allowing you to target content to specific audiences and give scores for engagement.

Key features:

  • Supports more than 30 languages
  • Variety of use cases: blogs, descriptions, mailings, ad copy, advertisements and more
  • Facebook community of 11,000+ members

As for pricing, you have a 7-day free trial, a starter plan for $39 per month, Data-Driven Basic for $79 per month, Data-Driven Unlimited for $239 per month and Enterprise depending on specific needs.


AI writing tools for content writing are increasingly used by copywriters, content creators, SEOs, marketing teams, and companies.

They are handy tools, and that's why they are positioning themselves in all areas of the web; they make it easier to create better, more engaging and compelling content and, in turn, save a lot of time and money for those who use them.

However, it is always advisable to call on your experience and knowledge to ensure the quality and perfection of all the content generated by these great tools.

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