Best AI tools for students: Top 12 (2024)

Do you want to lead your career successfully and be a good student? Surely, you do, and to achieve the goal more efficiently, you have a number of the best AI tools for students at your disposal.

Designed to meet different needs and personal interests, in this post, we present our selection of some of the best ones of 2024 and what they offer you.

Useful AI tools for students, free and paid

AI tools for students consist of software and applications that use technology to help students organize and study effectively.

They have been created to facilitate many of the activities and tasks of the day, allowing you to save time and effort. Additionally, they offer information and knowledge to learn agilely, and the systems adapt to different paces and learning styles.

Although some of these tools are paid, they generally offer some free functionalities, and others are free. Here is our top list of the best tools for learners with their main features.

1. ScriptMe

AI tools for students -ScriptMe Best AI tool

ScriptMe is an automatic transcription and translation service that will make it easy to transcribe lectures, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

With its academic transcription service, you can save up to 400% of your time and convert audio, video, and voice to text.

The transcription is carried out in just 3 steps. Its platform supports different formats for uploading and exporting content. You can improve what you want with its editor and share it to study and work on projects collaboratively.

You can sign up for a free 15-minute trial.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly - Best AI tool for students

One of the best AI tools for students worldwide is Grammarly because it is designed to develop your skills specifically in that area.

With this useful tool, you get real-time feedback on your writing, eliminating spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors with just a few clicks.

In addition, it makes it easy to find initial ideas, create accurate and well-formatted quotations, and, very importantly, detect plagiarism.

Grammarly works with the main platforms on which you write. If you create an account, you can write for free; it offers paid plans starting at $12 per month.

3. ScriptMe Lite

ScriptMe Lite - Best AI tool for students

Can you imagine unlimited transcription? This is possible with the ScriptMe Lite application, which allows you to transcribe the files you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With ScriptMe Lite, you can transcribe files up to 5 minutes long, and it is secure and private. It works from the computer without uploading any files to the cloud, and since it does not connect to the network, no one can view your files.

Being an offline transcription software, it allows you to transcribe from wherever you are. This tool is a desktop application and works perfectly for macOS and Windows.

4. Syntea

Syntea - Best AI tool for students

One of the best AI tools for university students is Syntea, developed by the International University Of Applied Sciences to make it easier for their students to learn all their courses online.

The tool is an academic tutor. Among its outstanding functionalities is the possibility to ask questions regarding content and receive answers in real-time. Also, the chance to evaluate exam preparation using a previous questionnaire.

Syntea is always available and can be accessed through the desktop version of the IU Learn application.

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT - Best AI tool for students

ChatGPT is a trendy chatbot application worldwide and can also be used to facilitate the learning process.

Among other things, ChatGPT allows you to summarize articles and readings based on a text to help you create mind maps, generate questions and answers, perform self-assessments, and detect your level of understanding of a specific topic.

The powerful functionalities of this system will allow you to save time and learn more dynamically and creatively. It has a free plan for everyone and a paid plan starting at $20 per month.


Dall-E - Best AI tool for students

Dall-E is another useful AI tool for students and allows you to create innovative and beautiful images from words.

The system generates images with a large database and considers several parameters. This tool is ideal for students because it integrates concepts, qualities, and styles to develop the desired image with an artistic approach.

To use Dall-E, you need to register. You get a specific number of free credits to generate limited images. Afterward, you have the option to pay and get more credits.

7. Notion

Notion - Best AI tool for students

Notion is among the best free IA tools for students and contains useful resources and features.

Among other uses, it allows you to ask questions and get answers regarding topics of interest in just a few seconds. It also develops writing skills and facilitates the process of generating ideas.

Another useful function is to convert large amounts of data into tables to present information clearly and precisely in just a few seconds. Additionally, with the tool, it is possible to explain technical terms so that everyone can understand the content, translate it into several languages, and more.

8. Magic School

MagicSchool - Best AI tool for students

Magic School is a platform that assists teachers in their lesson planning, content evaluation, and communication, and students can also use it.

The student platform has been designed to develop literacy, use technology responsibly, and open more learning opportunities.

Specifically, with its proofreading tool, it is possible to write any text and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Additionally, rewrite a text using different words, summarize text, and more.

It has a free plan for individuals and small teams and offers paid plans to meet different demands.

9. ClickUp

ClickUp - Best AI tool for students

ClickUp stands out at this top for its robust tool for student project management, which allows you to organize tasks and study collaboratively.

It is efficient to organize activities with their tasks, add due dates, visualize the completion flow, change, and sort by priority. As for written activities, such as essays, it is easy to format the writing with many editing functions and incorporate references quickly.

It has many other useful resources for studying, such as mind maps, graphs, and boards. It offers a free plan, and others are $7 monthly.

10. Trello

Trello - Best AI tool for students

If you want to develop more order to improve your productivity as a student, try Trello and its management system.

It has an attractive dashboard in which you can visualize all the pending work in one place, including its activities, tasks, and due dates, so that you don't forget anything.

A handy feature that can be incorporated is automation, with which you can set and execute commands for almost anything. It has a free plan and more payment options starting at $5 per month.

11. Fotor

Fotor - Best AI tool for students

As a student, you may want to create beautiful presentations; for this, you can use Fotor. It is an online photo editor with resources to easily and quickly create, improve, and edit photos.

It is a practical tool. In addition to editing images, it allows you to combine them into attractive collages or design them from scratch. For the latter option, just describe the image you want, and you will get photographs, 3D characters, or artistic digital illustrations.

A free version and paid plans with advanced features start at $3.33 monthly.

12. Brainly

Brainly - Best AI tool for students

Brainl is another great AI tool for students. It is a community created by experts, academics, and students from all over the world.

It has a huge database with which it can formulate and find answers to countless questions. Among its most outstanding functions, it is possible to simplify explanations to make them easy to understand or expand to have more complete information.

It is also possible to ask follow-up questions and use the platform to discuss and go deeper into many topics.

To access Brainly, an account is created, and users can earn points for answering questions correctly and completing challenges set by the platform. Additionally, there is the option to subscribe to Brainly Plus for unlimited answers.


As we have shown you, AI tools for students are beneficial resources for saving time, getting organized, planning, evaluating the achievement of objectives, and, undoubtedly, learning more interestingly and entertainingly.

Keep in mind that the tools are designed to facilitate a large number of activities and tasks for students and other areas. Still, curiosity to discover and use all its features correctly will lead to success.

That's why we invite you to explore some of the tools that have caught your attention, use them, and tell us about your experience; we'd love to read about it!

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