12 Benefits of using subtitles and closed captioning in your videos

The use of subtitles or closed captions in videos has multiple advantages for you and your users, customers and the general public.

You may already know some of these advantages, but you can't imagine others. That's why we invite you to read this post and learn about them all.

Advantages of watching TV, films or videos with subtitles

The benefits of watching television, movies or videos with subtitles are so many and so interesting that more and more content creators are incorporating them into their productions.

Here we tell you the main advantages of watching content with activated subtitles.

1. Content is much more accessible

Thanks to subtitles, viewers worldwide can understand and enjoy content produced in a language that is not their native language.

People with hearing difficulties can read the dialogue and contextual information, and it is only in this way that they can understand the plot of the stories and what is happening.

benefits of watching tv with subtitles

Additionally, subtitles allow access to content and enable us to be silent viewers.

This is very useful when sound is not possible or convenient. For example, if you are on public transport, in an office, library or health centre, subtitles facilitate the experience of watching and understanding content without sound.

2. Users pay more attention

When subtitles are added to programmes, viewers focus their attention for extended periods.

This means a more positive viewing experience for viewers with attention disorders, concentration difficulties or autism.

3. They understand the video much better

By adding subtitles to your video, viewers can more easily understand the content that involves technical language or names of companies, people and places.

And subtitles also help them retain information because they will be perceiving sound and visual communication. This undoubtedly enhances the comprehension of the videos.

benefits of subtitles and closed captions

On the other hand, subtitles help understand fast dialogue sequences with foreign accents or very low tones or murmurs.

They are an excellent solution for understanding at once and not having to go back and rewind because there is something we missed.

4. Helping children improve their reading skills

Studies show that the captions children see on videos can double their reading comprehension.

If subtitles are turned on in cartoons, they can learn to pronounce and write words, develop more vocabulary and learn definitions while having fun.

5. It is an effective method for learning new languages

This is one of the great benefits of watching television with subtitles; they help improve comprehension of a foreign language.

By listening and reading simultaneously, elements of the language are picked up consciously and unconsciously. This practice dramatically accelerates the process of learning a language.

6. Broaden's general culture by understanding local references

Subtitles are a great teaching tool. When they are well-written, they have the advantage of helping to improve the understanding of expressions and linguistic terms.

In addition, seeing written and hearing the names of historical figures, places, artistic references, and all kinds of connections contributes to the development of general culture.

benefits of watching movies with subtitles

7. Improve spelling by heart

For children and adults, subtitles allow them to see and learn the sequence of letters to spell words correctly.

This skill is fundamental for learning to spell and, therefore, for reading.

8. Boost SEO and video reach

To add subtitles to a video, they must first be recorded in a separate file, allowing search engines to quickly crawl and locate the content.

In this way, subtitles are a tool that helps to increase the reach of your videos, increase search traffic and rank your content.

9. Make a video look much more professional

Incorporating subtitles into your videos is about allowing all interested viewers to access your content.

And in addition to accessibility, it gives them the freedom to choose their viewing experience and how they want it.

Using subtitles is knowing and being in tune with the current trend, which undoubtedly reflects professionalism.

10. Extends viewing time

It is proven that adding subtitles can increase viewer viewing time.

And by having more viewer views, they contribute to your brand positioning.

advantages of subtitles

11. Easy to translate into other languages

With subtitles, you can easily translate your content into other languages to communicate messages or advertise your products or services in new markets.

Subtitles are a cost-effective option to complement your video content and have a very interesting potential ROI.

12. Can be added for a low price

If you are not subtitling your videos, you can't be left behind because your competitors are likely already doing it.

Subtitles will contribute to your brand positioning and content dissemination; your videos will be more accessible and viewed by many more people.

It's always time to go one step further, and at ScriptMe, we can help you. We have a very professional and low-cost automated subtitling service; contact us.


The advantages of using subtitles are apparent, which is why they are used in films, series, TV programmes and videos.

If you produce videos, subtitles will give your content accessibility, SEO, longer viewing time and a more professional appearance.

And your customers, users or viewers will remember the content more easily and can watch it whenever and however they want.

Additionally, subtitles have other advantages for all viewers, which is why adding subtitles to your videos is ideal.

Please take into account all the advantages we have told you about and take the step of adding subtitles to your videos. This action will have a positive impact on your brand and will contribute to the achievement of your goals.

At ScriptMe, we are at your disposal and wish you the best of success!

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