Add SRT file to your youtube video: The ultimate guide

When uploading a video to YouTube you have the possibility to upload an SRT file to make your video more accessible and attractive to your audience.

SRT files are files that contain the subtitles of a particular video, but independently and separately from it.

It indicates the subtitle text and the time period (from this second to that second of the video) in which the subtitle will be displayed.

How to upload SRT files to YouTube videos?

Ready to learn how to upload an SRT file to your YouTube video quickly and easily.

Let's get started.

1. Sign in to your YouTube Studio account

The first thing you need to do is sign in to your YouTube Studio account.

If you don't have it yet, you must go to the following link and create your account.

Once there you must go to the Subtitles tab located on the left side tab.

There you must choose the video you want to edit to add the subtitles you have already created in SRT format.

If you are uploading a video from scratch, then you must upload it in the usual way from the video recorder button and clicking on Upload Video.

How to add SRT to youtube

2. Asign language to your video

In the Details tab you must scroll to the Language and captions certification section of the video you are uploading, select the language of the video as follows.

Add SRT file to your youtube

Click Next, to get to the Video elements tab and follow the Video elements configuration.

3. Upload the SRT file

Here you must click on the Add button within the Add subtitles option.

Upload SRT to youtube video

Next, a drop-down menu will open with the options to upload a file, auto-synchronize, or create the subtitles manually.

We click on the first option to upload our SRT file.

Upload Subtitles SRT to Youtube videos

Select the file and continue.

Here you will be shown all the subtitles in time order and with the duration of each one in the left sidebar.

You can even edit your subtitles right here if you realize you need to make any modifications.

Sync SRT file to Youtube

Finally click on the Done button to synchronize the subtitles.

4. Save and publish your video

Once you have passed this part, you should simply click on save and publish your video.

When it's time to play it, you will be able to test the subtitles by clicking on the subtitles button in the YouTube video playback bar.

SRT file to Youtube

If everything is ok, we can only hope for the best possible interaction and that the video fulfills the objectives for which it was created.

Tips to add SRT files to your youtube video correctly

When it comes to uploading an SRT file correctly, there are a few things to keep in mind beforehand.

The first thing is to have a correct SRT file. To do this quickly and 100% accurately, you can use ScriptMe.

The process is extremely simple.

In the main dashboard, you must click on Upload File, upload the file from your computer, indicate the language and select the "Subtitles" action.

SRT file to Youtube with scriptme

ScriptMe will have quickly finished processing the video and created the subtitles.

Subtitles SRT to Youtube Scriptme

By clicking on See subtitles, you will be able to see the video with the created subtitles, and then export them once you have made the corresponding edits, if necessary.

Upload SRT file from ScriptMe to YouTube video

By clicking on Export you can download the file in SRT format (default) and that's it. Now you have it ready to upload to YouTube.

The next step is to check that the video uploaded to YouTube has been synchronized and uploaded without cuts.

Many times the video format can be processed erroneously by the platform. Check that everything is correct.

Finally, once the SRT file has been uploaded, check that the synchronization has no cuts or that the order of any subtitle has not been changed accidentally.

By doing this, you will achieve a perfectly synchronized video with your subtitles, without taking more than 5 minutes in the process.

Your entire audience will greatly appreciate it.


The importance of closed captions in YouTube videos is undeniable.

When closed captions or subtitles are incorporated into videos, it always increases user retention, as well as interactions, shares, and user approval of your content.

As you can see in this tutorial, adding SRT closed captions to your video is extremely easy.

Even more so if you create them with an automatic subtitling tool like ScriptMe, which allows you to obtain the SRT file with the subtitles in a matter of minutes.

When uploading this file, it is always convenient to check that everything is in order, because if there is something worse for a user than watching a video that does not offer subtitles, it is watching a video with outdated or incorrect subtitles.

I hope this quick step-by-step guide has helped you learn how to upload an SRT file to your YouTube videos.

Your entire audience will be happy to find the option to watch the video with subtitles, and you will also be grateful for the advantages it brings you.

Do you usually include subtitles to your YouTube videos? How do you generate and upload them?

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